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Tokio Road; Chapter 1Category: (general)
Thursday, 13 March 2008
06:58:19 PM (GMT)

Chapter One
	"I'll be there for you."

"Hey, get back here! We're not finished with you yet!" A student yelled as he was
chasing another with his posy.  The one running was thin and slender, and ran with
books clutched to his chest. These big gorillas are going to run me down sooner or
later; I've got to find somewhere to hide… He looked around quickly, without
even worrying about where he was. There! There was a small room on the side of
a building. He swiftly turned the quick corner and ran into the room after opening
it. But as soon as he stepped into the doorway, he had tripped on some kind of cord,
and then something that was large and square that looked like some kind of large
speaker. "Oh, no!-" In a matter of seconds, the student fell into something. Odd,
I don’t seem to be hurt. But when he looked up, his face turned as red as a
lobster. "Hey, who are you?!" He had fallen into someone that looked to be confused
and somewhat angry at the same time. He quickly backed off, but then stumbled into
someone else. "I-I-I-I'm so sorry…" When he looked at who he bumped into the first
time, he knew that he was some upper classman, but he had somewhat of emo clothes on.
When he turned to the other person, he examined that he really didn’t have any
emotion at the moment. He just steadied him. But when the student looked more around,
he realized he must have invaded some kind of group meeting. "Oh, my…." He twiddled
his fingers. They're all going to jump me, I can just feel it. "What are you
doing in here?" The first man asked. "W-well you see I was…being chased, a-and I
had to find somewhere to hide…so just please…" He cringed and got out all the
money he had. He held it out in his shaking hand. "Just take it, but please don't
hurt me." There was a moment of silence in the dark room. But, in a matter of moments
it was filled with laughter. "You here that?! The poor sap's just dying to get
jumped!" That moment, the room light was turned on to reveal many smiling faces. He
looked up and realized he was somewhere safe, and put his money pack into his pocket.
From behind him he heard two people tell him to sit down right at the same time. They
ran a chair to him and pushed him onto the seat. He heard a bit of playful laughter
in the back. What is this? Then, another voice came up, but it didn't sound
like the age group these guys were in. It sounded like a little boy, no more than
five. He was about that height as well. "This must be the new student! Yay!-" The boy
jumped up onto the student's lap and gave him a smile that no one can resist.
"Ehh…" He was all too confused. "Kumi, please refrain from getting so personal with
our little guest." The boy turned to the tallest boy who said that and showed his
lower lip. "But Kauru, he looks so lonely." The boy named Kauru put his hand to his
head and walked up to the boy. "My apologies, it seems you must be looking for a
place to study." He looked at the boy's handful of books, and he could swear he
looked at him in reference as well. The student wore a baggy sweatshirt and tight
jeans. His glasses were much bigger than his eyes, and his hair was messy. "Well,
yes…my name is Kaman Shan'ni. I just got transferred to Tokyo Academy." The little
boy on his lap once again gave a big smile. Almost in a melody, he chanted the boys
name "Shan'ni-CHAN!" He got up and pranced around your chair. At that moment, the
first man you ran into said something. "Chan? I never expected a highly educated
transfer student to be gay…" The boys face turned red. "Gay?-" Once again, Kauru
spoke up. "Please excuse Kino….he's a bit….yah." Kino stuck his tongue at Kauru,
but then got to a charming attitude. "Well, let me introduce the group." He started
with the second man the student ran into that seemed to have no emotion. "That is
Hiden Sai," Then he went to the twins. "These are the twins, Maiten Toemi and Koemi."
Then to the boy who seemed to be like a child. "That's Saiyuki Kumi." Then to Kauru.
"That's Matsuei Kauru." He gave his prince charming smile. "And I'm Hakkai Kino!" He
made is seem as if a big crowd was supposed to clap and make a big deal out of it.
Shan'ni just gave him a confused look. He suddenly appeared behind Shan'ni and put
one hand on his shoulder with the other in the air. He made everything he said sound
so dramatic. "…And together, we are, Tokio Road." In a flash, they were all in a
pose with their instruments. Shan'ni just stood there with a disturbed look on.
"Alright then, well I see you guys are all busy practicing songs, or whatever, so I
believe I'll be leaving no-" He dropped something that was clutched between his books
and his chest. No! It rolled over to Kino and Shan'ni dived and tried to get
it, but Kino held his face back while he looked at what he had dropped. Curse
these tall people… "Hmm, it says "RECORDINGS". Kino gave the CD to Kauru and
told him to put it in the boom-box. "No-o!-" Shan'ni put his head in his hands as he
stood there in embarrassment. As the CD began to play, it revealed something very
beautiful. The song playing was "Shissou" by "Last Alliance", a popular band in
Japan. But it wasn't the music that fascinated the band, it was the singing. They all
stood there in amazement, except for Kauru, who was just writing it down. Kino spoke
still in shock. "Shan'ni, who is this singing?-" Shan'ni rose his head. "Well, it's
me…but it's just a recording and-" Before he new it, he was being tackled by half
of the group. The twins grabbed his arms and pinned him to the chair. "Hey, what are
you doing?!" Kumi jumped onto his lap, and reached for his glasses. "No! I don't have
my contacts!" As Kumi removed the glasses, they revealed big, beautiful blue eyes.
With his auburn red hair, it showed some cute-ness. Kino looked at the revealed
Shan'ni and gasped. "Kauru, call the hair dresser! Sai, get a pressed uniform! Toemi,
Koemi, work on this one." As they heard their orders, smiles came upon their
identical faces. It was a bit creepy, actually. They randomly got out scissors and
brushes and began fixing Shan'ni's tattered hair. When they got done, the new school
uniform arrived and Kino took a quick look at him before shoving him behind a curtain
in the changing room to change. "Oooohh…you look so adorable!" He gazed at him in
awe. "Now go!-" Kino threw him into the room. Shan'ni stumbled as he got in there.
"Geez, these guys mean business." Shan'ni huffed and got changed as quickly as he
could. Outside he heard his recordings playing again. He was still embarrassed
despite the fact they obviously loved it. Shan'ni shrugged an opened the curtain
while straightening his tie. They all turned to admire a job well done. Kino's eyes
sparkled as he grabbed Shan'ni, and began hugging him while twirling around.
"Shan'ni, you look so cute, very, very cute!" Shan'ni's eyes widened and he began
calling for help. "Ahh, you creep! Eh- Sai, help!-" Instantly, Sai lifted Shan'ni up
from Kino's grip with ease. He held him high in the air being surprised how light he
was. Toemi spoke up. "Wow, this guy sure is girly." He pointed out everything from
Shan'ni's eyes, to his weight. Shan'ni rolled his eyes as he started to walk. "You
know guys, while you were attacking me, did you put my glasses anywhere? I don't have
any contacts at the moment and I can't see a thing." Kauru looked around. "Glasses,
oh those things. Right over there Shan-" He stopped to realize Shan'ni was headed
straight for the food table. Kumi yelled. "Shan'ni, watch out!" It was too late, and
he had slammed right into everything, and got himself in quite a mess. The majority
was on his brand new uniform. "Aww, man…" He rubbed his head as he sat on the
ground with all this stuff on him. Sai went to help him up, and the twins once again
grabbed him, but this time ran with him. "Just take him to the wash room you two.
We'll meet you there." The twins gave a quick salute, and we're off in a flash taking
Shan'ni with them. 
In what it seemed like only seconds, Shan'ni was in one of the lobbies of the great
Tokyo Academy he was accepted into. Immediately, he was thrown into the washroom to
wash off the stuff from his face. "I still can't see…wait…the contacts…are in
my pocket." He slapped himself in the head and he put them in. Just as he did that,
he was pulled out again, to face Kino. "Here, this is the only spare we have left, so
try not to mess it up…" He gave Shan'ni another new uniform and shoved him into a
changing room. "Geez, I'm not paralyzed you know!" He screamed from inside the
curtain. "We'll be right back Shan'ni, we have to go grab something, don't leave the
room." Shan'ni rolled his eyes. "Yah, yah. These guys act like they own the place and
everyone in it." He sighed as he began to take off his stained uniform. "Oh no…it's
stuck." When he took it off, a string got stuck to one of the buttons on his pants.
He heard the guys starting to come back and figured he'd have to hurry not to keep
his Royal Highness Kino waiting. After another moment, he still couldn't get it off.
"Shan'ni, we're back." Kino opened the curtain, and saw something that gave him a
"Hey! What are you doing?!" Shan'ni yelled. It appeared that Shan'ni was not a boy,
but a girl. Kino saw her bra and everything. Without another word, he shut the
curtain, and stepped backwards. "Sh-Sh-Shan'ni…." The group turned to Kino and
asked what was going on. Kino suddenly burst. "A girl?!- This is an all boy's school!
SHAN'NI CAN’T BE A GIRL!!" As Shan'ni exited the changing room Kino's face turned
completely red. "Hey, Kino, knock first when someone's changing." Everyone was
staring at her. Kino's face got angry and he stuck a finger at her as if he was going
to yell. But when he looked at her again, he didn't look at her like that dude
anymore, he actually looked at her adorable face, and fell to the ground and began to
twitch. There was a moment of silence, but then everyone rushed over to Shan'ni. Kino
felt as if he was being stepped on while he lay on the ground.  He twitched more.
Meanwhile, surrounding Shan'ni, the boys were examining her. "See-e, I told you she
was a girl." Toemi mocked. "Well we all know that now, genius." Koemi mumbled under
his breath. Toemi heard him and shot a piercing look to his twin brother. The twins
didn't usually get along very well, despite the fact that they've been together all
their lives. They both had the same orange-red hair with the same blue streak at the
bang. Their hair was spiked off at all sides and it was semi-short. All in all, even
though the two don't get along, they're perfect for each other when it came to being
devilish. At the moment, they were poking her chest. Shan'ni gave a look that said "I
can't believe this is happening to me." "Man, now this is what you call flat. No
wonder we took you for a guy." The twins said in unison. Harassment, much.
Shan'ni took one step to the side with a blank look on her face. Everyone followed
her again. Kauru began asking questions with a notepad like a reporter. Shan'ni
raised her eyebrow. "So, Shan'ni, why didn't you tell us you were a girl when we
clearly addressed you as a man?" Shan'ni figured she'd answer any questions had for
her. Looks like I'm going to be stuck with these snobs for a while now…what
could it hurt? "Well, I really didn't mind that you guys thought I was a boy.
Gender, to me, really doesn't play a part in life." Kino immediately shot up.
"Doesn't matter, eh?" He gave that creepy prince charming smile as he walked toward
her. She stood frozen…no one ever looked at her like that before. "K-K-Kino…what
are you doing?-" Suddenly, Kino's arms were rapped around her, one holding up her
hand, and one on her back holding her to him. She blushed, but wasn't swayed. "Then,
how about you try me out, my princess?" Shan'ni got really scared and her body
shivered. She squealed and, quick as lightning, hid behind the biggest one out of the
group she could find. "S-Sai…help me" He just looked at her and raised his
eyebrows. Sai was a natural protector. He protects Kumi as a family order, but he
doesn't mind. He and Kumi have grown to be like brothers, and Sai does anything to
protect him.  But strangely, he seemed pretty protective of Shan'ni now as well. With
no thought at all, he picked her up as he did before and put her on his shoulders.
"Eh-" Kino was still frozen in his position. He whimpered, "Sai, you didn't have to
do that…" But then he shot back to his regular self and rubbed his chin with two
fingers while smiling. "Oh, Shan'ni, your shy-ness only shows what love you have for
me…" Shan'ni looked at him with an annoyed look upon Sai's shoulders.
"…Yah…that's it." As Kino was all caught up with himself, and the rest of the
group was analyzing Shan'ni, something happened. The doors to the outside slammed
open and there stood the group of tough guys who were chasing Shan'ni before. Sai put
her down at the wrong time. Shan'ni gulped as perspiration formed on her forehead.
But, she accidentally made eye contact with one of them and the noticed her right
away. Since they still thought she was a boy, the yelled, "Hey guys, there's that
wimp that got away!" All his friends got the message and put their eyes dead on
Shan'ni. She stopped dead in her tracks. "Oh no…" They cracked their knuckles, and
started to walk toward her and the guys. Shan'ni couldn't move; these guys really
frightened her. For whatever reason, Kino and the others had walked to the farther
end of the room, seeming to be deep in conversation. Shan'ni was so scared she didn't
even notice them walk over there. She breathed heavily, and her heart pounded as the
gang got closer. One thing she realized was that they weren't even wearing the
uniforms for this school. In fact, they all looked like too much of outsiders to be
here. They're intruders. They could be endangering everyone on this campus…I
have to do something. They were all still approaching, having smirks on their
face. "Look guys, this little rich wimp is so scared he can't even move."  He laughed
along with his group. Then one of the others made a remark. "Yah, boss…this is
going to be way too easy." They all laughed again, and they were only but a few feet
away from Shan'ni now. She had to make her move-or whatever she planned on
doing-quick. She hesitated, but made her decision. Now! Suddenly, Shan'ni
bolted to the side of the gang and ran towards something she could use to keep them
down. Since it was a big room, the gang started to run after her. As Shan'ni
approached the wall at the east side of the room, she grabbed the first thing she
could find. There was a fireplace at that side of the wall, and she fumbled for one
of the tools. Luckily, she grabbed one of the pointy ones. The gang had come on
quick, and Shan'ni didn't have time to run at them. She had to stand her ground now,
and hope she doesn't get killed. She held it out in front of her like a samurai
warrior and stuttered out the words, "L-Leave the campus now, I-I'm not afraid to use
this." The gang stopped in front of her and smirked again. "Ha, what do you think
you're gonna do with that?" The leader always had his guys back him up with some
remark. "Man, this guy has some girly voice. You think he'll squeal like one too?" He
got an evil smile as he patted the leader on his shoulder. "Well, only one way to
find out." Immediately, the huge guy grabbed the fireplace tool, and threw Shan'ni
off of it. One of the other ones ran over and grabbed her by her collar. "Got him…"
Shan'ni looked up at him in fear and tried to struggle, but she was choking herself
in the process. "So what should we do?" The man holding Shan'ni asked. "I got a plan,
take the wimp, and follow me." The man nodded to his leader with an evil smile, and
slung Shan'ni over his shoulder while beginning to run to catch up with the group.
They ran to the stairway, but were blocked by Kino and the group. Kumi yelled. "Kino,
they have Shan'ni!" Kino gritted his teeth, and stepped to the front. "And where do
you Neanderthals think you're going?" Everyone in the group was worried, but kept
their serious faces on. "Put him down, and I won't have to hurt you…" Shan'ni heard
all of this. In all her fear, she never knew anyone would say that for her. The gang
laughed and the man holding Shan'ni tightened his grip on her. She cringed; he was
holding her so tight it was getting hard to breathe. "Is that so?" With a smirk, he
snapped his fingers. Now it was terribly serious, two of the men had pulled out guns,
one pointed at Shan'ni, the other at Kino. He stepped back, but still had closed
teethe. Shan'ni closed her eyes and started to plead. "Please, no…don't hurt him."
Even though she had just met him, and he seemed like a total weirdo, Shan'ni couldn't
stand to see him hurt, or anyone of them for that matter. A tear rolled down her
cheek while her eyes were tightly shut. Seeing that they had the upper hand, the gang
pushed past the guys and headed up the stairs. When they were halfway up, Kino
murmured something. "They're headed for the roof…" Without consulting his friends,
he bolted up the stairs. "Come on, everyone!" Kumi yelled, and the group followed.
Kino was already at the top of the first staircase, and he saw the gang head for
another. Nothing would stop him now. "I'll save you Shan'ni…bet on it." 
    Meanwhile, the gang was on the last stairway. "We're gonna make history, boys.
After this homicide, we'll be on every TV screen in Japan!" Shan'ni's eyes widened as
she listened to their conversation. Homicide…are these guys going to kill
me?! As she realized where they were headed, she noticed a sign that said "ROOF"
next to a doorway. No! The gang slammed the door open, ran out onto the roof,
and threw Shan'ni onto the ground. "Ahh…" Shan'ni cringed and slowly got up onto
her hands and knees. She was right at the edge of the roof where the railing was. She
heard the leader say to his posy, "Now, take everything he's got, then we'll make
ourselves famous." Pointing a gun at her, one of them ordered to empty all her
pockets. Shan'ni had to do what they said if she wanted to live, but she'd have to
stall them somehow. She tightly shut her eyes, and put her wallet, her old cell
phone, her house keys, and anything else onto the floor in front of her. Then, she
held her hands in the air when they went to take it. "Okay, it’s time, boys." They
all laughed as if they'd been waiting for this for a while. Shan'ni figured out their
whole plan; they'd rob her, and kill her in front of a bunch of witnesses, just to
get on FBI's Most Wanted or something. It has to me, doesn't it? The leader
walked over to her, grabbed her by the hair, and held her up so everyone below could
see her. When someone noticed it, the man was making an announcement. "Everyone
gather round as you see one of your precious classmates fall to his death." He smiled
when he every single one of their attention. Giving Shan'ni another minute to figure
out something, he made one last remark. "And…remember these faces, you could be
next." He laughed, and began to grab Shan'ni to throw her over the edge. At the last
moment, Shan'ni screamed at the top of her lungs, "NO-O!" And turned back and punched
the man flat in his face. The anger on her face was too much to handle. She heard
everyone gasp, including the gang mates. By force of rea
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‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   13 March 2008   197767  
rite more pleez i love it!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   13 March 2008   752516  
Thanks :D

I'm working on the second chapter right now
music_lova says:   16 March 2008   153774  
awesome! =D
can't wait for the second chapter!^^
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   16 March 2008   252365  
Thanks :D
practor54 says:   17 March 2008   928728  
I love this. You must write more. Okay?

Go Shan'ni-chan! You must defeat them Tokio Road!
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   17 March 2008   915177  
wow thats so cool i need more please write on
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   17 March 2008   977286  
@Practor: Kay, I just realized...part of the chapter was cut off D:
I'll post it right now! x3

@lonely: thankyou ^^ kay :3 


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