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That is not gay in the least.Category: HomoPhobia is demented
Saturday, 16 February 2008
03:21:20 AM (GMT)
I can hardly walk down the hallways in my school without hearing obnoxious boys
shouting "That's so gay dude!" or "He's such a Gaylord!"

what the heck? Gay is not, and never has been, an insult. Gay means you love someone
of the same gender as yourself. To be more specific, a man who loves men, as a woman
loving a woman is a lesbian.

Now people use the term to mean anything negitive: ugly, stupid, un-warranted,
strange, or just as a general insult.

I don't get it. they're just people. So I decided I would try to figure out why
Homophobia, or the hatred, fear and mis-trust of same sex couples, is so common.

To be blunt the answers i got from homophobics young and old were demented. Answers
are listed below.

HP=Homo Phobic
HP 1"gay people are gay." well duh.
can you be more specific?
HP 1 "well...Gay people are gay." alright then. next answer.

HP 2 "Gay people are weird." any rational reasons you can give?
HP 2 "Gay people are weird. they're just... weird."
I'm weird. Does that make me gay?
HP 2 "probably."

HP 3 "What about Adam and Eve?" well in case you didn't notice, God wasn't to fond of
them and kicked them out. Besides, God (or Goddess) created the Gays too. And what if
He (or She) kicked them out for multiple reasons? I think He (or whatever) kicked
them out because they could reproduce.

HP 4 "It's not natural." actually there is a slight neurological difference between
gays and straights.
HP 4 "Hah! so they have Brain damage!" no, we could just as easily be the ones with
the odd brains. besides, there are some same sex couplings with animals.

So basicly there are no good reasons to dislike gays.

some people say that they will try to...erm...get pleasure from young boys. There are
far more straight sickos out there looking to do that to girls. and lets be honest,
have you eve heard of that really happening? because I sure haven't.  

now let's skip to the more common (and far more in-accurate) usage or the term gay. 

 'ugly, stupid, un-warranted, strange, or just as a general insult.' I believe we
said. well let's see here... Gays are usually more fashion concience then "regular"
guy. Plus they are often stereotyped as being good looking. Not always true but we'll
count it.

so let's chalk up ugly as un reasonable.

 ugly, stupid, un-warranted, strange, or just as a general insult.

stupid is next. well first let me point out that if you really thought that gay means
any of those things you are likely stupid. Again not always true but i figured id
throw it out there. Ever heard of a "closet gay"? it means a gay person who feels so
much pressure form all those idiots around them saying that gay is bad they pretend
to be straight. You have got to be pretty smart to spend years faking something you
can't ever be. Plus some gays who don't even hide it, aren't "discovered" until they
mention it themselves. which means they have at least as high intelligence as
all the straights around them. And there are plenty (to many) idiotic straight people
out there. so straights really can't talk.

let's just cross "stupid" off the list as well then...

ugly, stupid, un-warranted, strange, or just as a general insult.

un warranted. Now this is an interesting one. By interesting I mean stupid.
I've actually heard guys calling homework assignments gay. Well, since paper comes
from a dead tree we can assume it doesn't have a very active love life, or the
ability to feel love necessary to be gay. (or straight for that matter). Further
more, being nothing but mere homework, it has no gender, and so cannot love someone
of the same gender. no the term you were looking for you idiots (not the people
reading this. those idiotic boys from my school) is "useless", or "un-warranted",
although i don't think they could remember all four sylabols in un-warr-en-ted.

So that's another for the un reasonable list...

ugly, stupid, un-warranted, strange, or just as a general

Strange. Now this brings us back to Homophobic 2. being weird does not make you gay,
and being gay does not make you weird. I'm a major freak. but I'm not a lesbian, and
I'm not Bi-sexual. it's a shame, often wish i was one or both, but I'm not. well
sometime people don't realize they are for years, there's hope...

anyway, that's another un reasonable definition. it's not looking good for the
Phobics so far...

ugly, stupid, un-warranted, strange, or just as a general

  Just a general insult. now this is the one i don't get. saying someone is gay and
meaning they are a freak doesn't really make sense,unless that person is gay. even
then the whole gay= freak has no logical bases. it's like going up to a "white"
person and trying to insult them by calling the "black". it makes no sense. One)the
person in question is not black and, two)that's not an insult.

so let's set an all to common scenario...

a bunch or prats are walking down the hall, and they converge on another prat, from
an alternate group of prats. so they all begin insulting each other, with a fairly
logical baises.

But the Lone Prat runs out of insults and as a result is called stupid. which may be

but he simply has to say "you guys are so gay. your all a bunch of quir bags. get
lost you gaylords." and walk away before they respond. except, those other idiots
weren't any gayer then that lone idiot. "quir bag" just means gay. re-iterating is
irritating. and pointless as saying it again won't make anyone involved gay, or gay
an insult. gaylord is another term for gay, it just means "very gay" but they still
aren't gay, and gay still isn't an insult.

so when you get down to it, his words are empty and meaningless.

homophia is ill-logical, stupid, groundless, and above all, pointless. because it's a
natural thing. they are born gay. there's nothing they can do about it, and there is
nothing any homophobic can do about it.

something like homophobia should be considerd far more shameful they being gay.
Last edited: 12 March 2008

xKupidx says:   16 February 2008   641321  
WOOOOHHH!!!! Go you!!!
Im bi : ) and i totallyyy agreee. : )
Frizzette says:   16 February 2008   571836  
I agree, and I think it's awesome of you to put so much
effort into this
Kirti says:   16 February 2008   735643  

oh and to all other supporters of gay rights (like the right to marry)
who are "accused" of being gay, just say "I'm straight. not narrow."

If they don't understand what that means, then explain it, slowly, and
carefully, then casually point out that you would be hard pressed to
find a gay who didn't get that.
Rin_Sohma says:   4 June 2008   377356  
Gay power! hurray!
‹ruthie .› says:   4 December 2008   424481  
Yeah! Excellent!
Kirti says:   4 December 2008   124496  
thank you!
Lyncheh says:   24 December 2008   176628  
Gay used to mean happy.
Now it means something else.
Suck it up. =_=
tiggerlemon101 says:   24 December 2008   112642  
I admit I'm guilty of using gay incorrectly.  But I try not to.
And you're totally right about everything you said.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   24 December 2008   383827  
These guys use gay all the time at my school. It's very irritating.
It's obvious you put a lot of work into to, so great job!
Kirti says:   24 December 2008   247488  
Lyncheh that's so mean. That's like saying "Amfrican Americans used
to be slaves, so if they can't get paid as much as whites just suck it
up." Everyone is born equal, and no one should be treated as if their
worth less over something they can't control.
Lyncheh says:   25 December 2008   333979  
I'm talking about words, you're talking about people.
I'm not saying homophobia is good. But gay used to mean happy. Then
homosexual. Now it's moving onto meaning not good.

That doesn't mean using "gay" as a negative word is associating
homosexual with bad. After all, homosexuality was frowned upon and the
word gay comes from "happy".

No association. They're just words.
‹Panda  Bear› says:   25 December 2008   684489  
I totally agree. Gays are peoples like us, so let them be happy by
the way they are!
Kirti says:   25 December 2008   679433  
but if gays aren't frowned upon then the word will stop meaning
something bad and the word can start being a homophone again.
lettuce_smothie says:   9 June 2010   178270  
i totally agree with you i mean before some one says "umm i'm gay you
they aren't reated any different than any one else
Kirti says:   9 June 2010   363201  
It's so strange to see all these old diaries! My town has actually
gotten a lot better since I wrote this, which is nice. At least, most
people don't use those words in public. 
‹•Perfect Love Kills All Fear•› says :   10 June 2010   819971  
If you have facebook, you should join my group. It's against say
"that's gay" in a hateful way. here's he link!/group.php?gid=101231413259067

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