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I am 50% asian, 30% black, 50% latino, and 20% white (wow)Category: (general)
Saturday, 2 February 2008
02:14:19 PM (GMT)

[x] Math is your best or second best subject
[x] You love technology and can't live w/o it
[] You are short
[x] You own a calculator
[x] You like to wear sandals/flipflops
[] You drive a nice car
[] You don't like to play sports
[x] You like karaoke
[] You love/like chinese food
[] You understand em yeu anh or wo ai ni or ngo ai ni or anyhung ha sae yo
T0TAL= 5


[x] You like to drink Kool-Aid
[x] You love chicken(so stereotypical)
[] You like to play basketball or football
[x] You like to wear hats
[] You hate school
[] You wear baggy pants(at my house)
[] You like to listen to Rap and R&B
[] You say bitch after 85% of your words
[] You love hot sauce
[] You call white people crackers(not right, but crackers are good ^^)
T0TAL= 3


[] Soccer is your sport
[x] You like sneaking into places
[x] You love rice
[] You always take your time
[x] You love soda
[] Shorts are better
[x] You wear dirty pants
[]You investigate in fights
[x]You understand this: "Mira muchacho el diablo!"
[]You Like Bachata Merengue y Reggaeton
T0TAL= 5


[] You play hockey as a sport
[] You buy some of your clothes at AEROPOSTALE
[] You always have money
[x] You listen to rock
[] You're scared of saying the nigga word
[] You don't know how to dance
[x] You love school
[] You own a pair of DC's/Etnies/Vans/converses/nikes
[] You like to watch Laguna beach

Now count up the X's in each catagory and mutiply it by 10 and put X I am % ASIAN/

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