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My memories at the Marine Science ConsomethingoranotherCategory: (general)
Sunday, 13 January 2008
01:48:22 AM (GMT)
Okay, so ive been to the Marine Science Consomethingoranother for two years.
ive had really funny expiriences there last year with friends Emily, Nate, Haige,
Luciene, and Mark.

#1- The first day, me and emily went outside to the vending machine, to get Dr.
Peppers (ofcourse) 
we put in one dollar expecting to get one can on Dr. Pepper, but instead we got 46
fucking cans!!! then we got change and tried again, we got 38. not as many... but
still hillariouse.

#2- We went trolling on a floating dock with a moter attached to it, oh joy.
but i told everyone to count the jellyfish we saw, it turned out as 152 jellyfish
were spotted on the dock.

#3- There was a huge thunder storm the second day. So me Nate, Haige and Emily were
outside, when Julia (one of the officials there) told us to get inside it completly
stopped as soon at Nate stepped foot in the lounge.

#4- We went into the salt water marsh and had to jump into the mud pits, it was
disgusting, because you could swim in it, and it smelled like eggs.
haha, fortunately it was funny because nate had 50 bucks in his pocket.

#5- Okay, so one day we had the day off, so we decided to have icecream and go to a
We saw Amish people riding go-carts, and we kept trying to sing Hollaback Girl while
we were watching.
after that i got mad so i beat nate with a golf club.

#6- We tried to drink as much Dr. Pepper as possible, but it was too hard. so we
decided to go outside and make all of the rest explode by chucking it at the ground,
and then stomping on it, once or twice the top came clean off. But when it was all
gone we decided to chuck mountain dew at the ground, because everyone thought it
tasted like cardboard.

#7- Okay i will admit it, YES. i did eat tons of green algae, or as it is ussually
called, sea lettuce. You see, the officials gave it to me, saying it was safe to eat,
so i tried it...and i loved it. VERY YUMMY!!! So, yeah i ate tons of it.

#8- We went to dedike beach, and Emily happened to see a five key-hole urchin (note
that i didnt say sand dollar). i knew what it was, but everyone else thought it was a
sand dollar.
so Haige said Emily was rich, because of sand DOLLAR (its a dumb joke i know), And i
said it was actually a five key hole urchin, so he said "COUNTERFIDDER" he said it
like that, i promose!

#9- Okay, so me and Emily were talking about guys (suprise, suprise), and Nate asked
if we knew about the bases, so we said yeah. and three minutes later, he asked how
far i would go with a guy, and i said all the way. i didnt get it.

#10- All of us were watching stuff in the lounge, mostly on comedy central. 
we were watching mind of mencia this particular time. then Nate sat on the remote and
changed the channel to Caiou (however you spell that). we started laghing, because he
was in a bunnie costume.

So yeah, me and Emily still talk about these.
haha, Mark was reffered to as Cookie, because he was hot like a cookie in the oven.

sharringanroxas says:   14 January 2008   484285  
dont believe her she was only there for like 3 weeks w/emily
xxxnoseyxxx says:   14 January 2008   956385  
no mighty, ur a retard, ive been there for four weeks altogeather,
and emy was for two weeks, emi went one year, and i went two years.
xKupidx says:   14 January 2008   684293  
I love the vending machine thing :D Lucky you!
xxxnoseyxxx says :   14 January 2008   729224  
haha thankss!!
it was funnie because when we got other stuff, we got like five cans
of Dr. Pepper at the same time. (FOR ONLY $1.00!!!)

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