Naruto chat room~ If you are naruto, orochimaru, Itachi, or Sasuke
fangirl, I advise you do not click this. Ja Ne! ^.-
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Naruto chat room~ If you are naruto, orochimaru, Itachi, or Sasuke
fangirl, I advise you do not click this. Ja Ne! ^.-
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Tuesday, 1 January 2008
01:51:04 AM (GMT)
Naruto Chat Room! Topic~ About Itachi And Sasuke Me: Alright, were starting! Let the guests enter please!! Itachi and sasuke: (Walks In) Crowd: Whooyah! Sashke! Itacheee!! >o< ^____^ Me: Please sit. Itachi and Sasuke: (sits) Me: I'll get Itachi first. Itachi: .... Me: So Itachi, what do ya do f0r a living? Itachi: I-kill-peeeple- 0/_
Last edited: 1 January 2008

DeidaraLover says:   1 January 2008   636223  
daymet It wont let me use more space. Sowwy about that.
Here i'll type the rest for ya.
DeidaraLover says:   1 January 2008   174887  
This is the rest of it! ^p^ enjoy!

Me: Thats great, absoulutly cool, fantstic..hehe.. 0_0;
Itachi: I used to collect little dolls. 0_0 They look like naruto. I
Sasuke: (Rolls eyes and looks at nails.)
Sasuke: Naruto's so frikin kool I mean seriously lyke ya!
Me: (Takes deep breath)
Itachi: Naruto's mine! 
Sasuke: 0o0! Oh no you didnt!! (Gets a dolly naruto.)
Itachi: I want him for his kyuubi powers you parakeet!
Sasuke: (Mouth hangs) P-parakeet!! You, you....w-weasel!! I
ah......want..him for...his-
(Orochimaru snakes in)
Orochimaru: I sooooo want his body!! >p<
Me: Wait who's body?
Orochimaru: how pitiful! I want Sasuke's body you dunce!  (Throws
Itachi: Well I Wa- Orochimaru!!! You!! You!! Freak!! How dare you come
Me: uh...dare you..

Sasuke: hmmph I'm not going with that snake. I want Naruto, NOW!

(A pickle drags Naruto along) -believe me I have no idea-

Naruto: Sasuke!! Help me!

Sasuke: (Puts on a superman impression) I'll save you naruto!!

Me: Maybe.....just maybe.....theyre gay. 0_o

Naruto: waaaat???? No way me and Sasuke are just good o'l buddeh.

Itachi: Naruto!! (Smacks a dill pickle in his mouth) I'll get you!
Sasuke's hands are uber filthy!! >o< Kyaa!!

Naruto: Nani??!! 0+e

Me: (Waves hand away)

Sasuke:I-itachi you nut head thats my hair youre pulling!

Itachi: Waaaaahhh!!

Sasuke: (Kicks Itachi)

Naruto: Sasuke!! Youre giving my butt a ache! I cant stand this

Pickle: ......-...e

Me: Alright this aint the first time our shows been hijacked by a
pickle. but all the same, I'm going away.

Everyone: waarrrghh! Get off me Itachi! NARUTO!! I LOVE YOU!!!! >o<
Sasuke! get off my Feet!! I hate you Sashke!! Go die!! Or wait I'll do
the favor!! Naruto soon it will be heaven!! RAWR!! >ppppp<

(Show Ends) Goodnight >oe
rinzi says:   1 January 2008   245643  
oooo! that was funny!
HsingChu says:   1 January 2008   686243  
HsingChu says:   1 January 2008   257148  
DeidaraLover says :   1 January 2008   845232  
Thanks guys lol ^p^


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