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Saturday, 24 November 2007
01:50:52 AM (GMT)
Stoled from Scoot the Amazing. xD

1. Are you a photo addict?
  I like taking some of moi & friends.

2. What were you doing this morning at 8am?
  Arriving at school and waiting for Sammy.

3. Do you care for your friendster?
  Is that like Myspace or something? O_o

4. How many different beverages have you drank since yesterday?
 One... two...three. Lemonade, water, & milk.

5. What is one thing you wish to change about yourself?
 I wish I'd stop doubting myself at times. 

6. What do you wish for?
  That problems would solve themselves, -Giggle snort- 

7 . When was the last time you got really hurt?
  Physically: I fell of my chair in French class. xD
  Emotionally: Not totally sure. :D

8. Any plans for tonight?
  I'll be on the computer. I mean, it's already eleven. 

9. Something you are excited about?
  . . . . The holidays? Nothing exciting going on in mah life right now.

10. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  Mint choco rawks.

11 . Describe your keychains?
   Hello Kitty. xD

-- -- = === more ====----

1. Do you know anyone in prison?
  Ne, don't think so.

2. If so, who?
  No one, but Michael Jackson should be. xD

4 . Party girl/boy or Home girl/boy?
  ? O_o

5. Have you ever gotten naked at a party?!
 No. xD

6. Name someone you miss.
All my friends. I'm listening to Hakkai no theme and it's making me lonely. D:

7. Are you named after a grandparent?

8. Who do you love?
  My besties; Gen & Elisa, & mah online bestie Dori-channn.
And of course my family. :3

9. Have you ever broken a rib?

10. Would you rather be a girl or a guy?
 I don't mind being a girl. :D

11. Who is the most spoiled person you know?
  Good question... No one I know, really. :D

12. Would you rather have a million dollars or true love?
 True love. :D

13. Would you rather date someone 2 years younger or older?
 Older. xD

14. What's your favourite junk food?
 Mint patties & iced tea

15. Do you have a porn collection?

If you believed that you're too dumb to be reading this, go away.

16. Is your birthday on a holiday?
 My birthday IS a Holiday. xD

17. Are you old enough to vote?
No. D:

18 . Do you have any friends or family in the war right now?

19. Are you a vegetarian?
  Attempted. >3< 20. Do you worry about global warming?
   Yes. But are the damned presidents/prime ministers doing anything? NO. D:< 21. Do you like Polar bears?
 Shnuggle bears. =D

22. What song/s do you want played at
your wedding?
 I don't think I want to get married. :D

Ciel_Kitty says:   24 November 2007   934475  
scott's username really match with him :D
ToxicDuck says :   24 November 2007   558161  
I've never talked to him, be he seems awesome. xD

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