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Randomness 13...... I really wanna finish this quiz!!!!!Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 October 2007
12:27:53 PM (GMT)
451. Drama or no drama? Drama
452. Screens or no screens? Screens
453. Drinking or no drinking? No drinking
454. Smoking or no smoking? No smoking
455. School or no school? No school
456. Work or no work? No work
457. Sleep or no sleep? Sleep
458. Music or no music? Music
459. Perfume or no perfume? Perfume
460. Cologne or no cologne? Cologne
461. Deodorant or no deodorant? Deodorant
462. Sports or no sports? No sports
463. Taxes or no taxes? No taxes
464. Compost or no compost? Compost
465. Guns or no guns? No guns
466. Drugs or no drugs? No drugs
467. Pollen or no pollen? Pollen
468. Trees or no trees? Trees
469. Fax or no fax? No fax
470. Birthdays or no birthdays? Birthdays
471. Clouds or no clouds? Clouds
472. Doors or no doors? Doors
473. Polls or no polls? No polls
474. Gum or no gum? Gum
475. Hairspray or no hairspray? Hairspray 
476. Accessories or no accessories? Accessories
477. Gold or no gold? Gold
478. Snow or no snow? Snow
479. Sprinklers or no sprinklers? No sprinklers 
480. Parks or no parks? Parks
481. Pills or no pills? No pills
482. Doctors or no doctors?  Doctors
483. Company or no company? Company
484. Toys or no toys? Toys
485. Electricity or no electricity? Electricity
486. Pepper or no pepper? No pepper
487. Spices or no spices? Spices
488. Bra or no bra? Bra
489. Bugs or no bugs? No bugs
490. Signature or no signature? Signature 
491. End or no end? No end
492. Dishwasher or no dishwasher? Dishwasher
493. Summer or no summer? Summer
494. Recycle or no recycle? Recycle
495. Fries or no fries? Fries
496. Ketchup or no ketchup? Ketchup
497. Patio or no patio? Patio
498. Questions or no questions? No questions
499. Socks or no socks? Socks
500. Gloves or no gloves? No gloves

501. Are you proud? I dunno
502. Do you know why you should be? No

503. What time is it now? 5:30pm
504. How long has it taken you to get this far? A day xD
505. How many breaks have you taken? Loads
506. How many unwelcome interruptions have their been? about 5 
507. What is in front of you? The computer screen
508. What is behind you? A keyboard
509. What's to your left? A window
510. Can you guess what question's coming next? Yes
511. What's to your right? A door
512. Were you right? Yesh
513. What's above you? Ceiling
514. What's under you? A chair
515. Where are you in relation to the bathroom? Right
516. The kitchen? In front
517. The front door? Right
518. The street? Right
519. What's the nearest gas station? At the end of my street 
520. What's the nearest food store? Same
521. What's the nearest mail box? Down the road/left
522. Do you care? Nope
523. Do you ever write letters? Nah 
524. Do you like getting mail? Depends
525. What sort of mail do you usually get? Letters
526. Do you prefer letters, phone calls or emails? Emails
527. Why? Cause you can type them out xD
528. How often do you use the phone? A lot
529. Do you have your own phone? Yeah
530. Do you have a cell phone? Yeah ^^
531. Do you have to pay your own phone bills? Nope 
532. Do you ever call long distance? Nah
533. If you do, where do you call? ...
534. Have you ever dialed the wrong number? Yesh 
535. Who were you intending to call? My friend, Sara
536. Have you ever had to tell someone they had the wrong number? Yeah 
537. Do you get lots of those? Nah
538. Do you ever get the wrong person's mail? Sometimes 
539. What do you do about it if you do? Give it to them
540. Have you ever opened someone else's mail? No
541. Have you ever snooped in someone else's email? Yes :D
542. Who's email would you like to snoop in? A celebrity's
543. Why? Cause errrr
544. Is there anyone you wish would snoop in yours? No 
545. What would you do if you found out someone had? Kill them xD
546. What if it was a friend? Laugh at them
547. A family member? Kill them xD
548. Your psychiatrist? Shout loudly at them
549. Would you ever give out your password? No 
550. To anything? Noooo

‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   21 October 2007   729343  
‹ShutUpOrIllEatYou› says :   21 October 2007   571273  
:D Heheh


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