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Love and Lots of lust 4Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 October 2007
02:36:44 PM (GMT)
{Scroll four--Things get hot with the sand brothers}

Naruto walked around the village not caring to go to training today. He walked inside
his house and took out a pen and paper and began doodiling for no reason at all.

Gaara walked around the village bored and came across Sasuke. Sasuke looked a mix of
happy sad and disgusted. Gaara really wasn't the one to ask what's wronge but he was
having a hard day too. Gaara walked over to Sasuke and sat next to him on the bench.

"Uchiha." Gaara said and Sasuke looked at him.

"...Sabaku.." Sasuke said and looked at himself oddly. "What do you want Gaara?" 

"I just wanted to figure out why your face was full of so many diffrent emotions."
Gaara said and Sasuke sighed.

"I have to date a whore to get someone i love jelious enough to admit he likes me."
Sasuke said and Gaara sweatdroped.

"Well that doesnt seem un-normal." Gaara said and crossed his legs and putting his
gourd on the ground.

"I know." Sasuke said and Gaara sighed. "Whats your problem?"

"It's much to embarrassing to admit then yours." Gaara said with a red face.

"I won't tell." Sasuke said and Gaara sighed and looked up.

"Me and Kankuro are... going out.." Gaara said with a red face and Sasuke looked
confused. "[small]He's my brother...[/small]"

Sasuke heard Gaara's little mumble and smiled. He really didn't care as long as he
loved someone. His thoughts were soon disturbed when Sakura ran over and sat on his
lap. Gaara gave him a questioning look and Sasuke nodded with a sweatdrop. Gaara's
look turned disgusted just looking at her pink hair. Oh how Gaara hated pink. 

"Well Gaara I don't find you weird at all." Sasuke said and Gaara cracked the
slightest smile as he stood up and slung the gourd onto his back and saluted.

"Ja Ne Sasuke-kun. I'll see you later." Gaara said then dissapeared into the sand.

Gaara re-appeard in the hotel him and his sibblings stayed in and saw no one was
there. He looked around and on the door he saw a note. He plucked it off and read

Me Kankuro and Baki went to get food. After Baki is gonna train me so you'll be with
Kankuro. Sorry -_-.

Gaara smiled slightly to himself and sat in front of the TV and started watching
random shows until Kankuro, Temari and Baki walked in. After they put everything away
Kankuro sat on the oppisite side of the couch and Temari bid goodbye to them and
walked out with Baki. Gaara and Kankuro exchanged a couple of glances and Kankuro
outstreached and arm and grabbed Gaara and pulled him into his chest. Gaara looked up
at his older brother and Kankuro looked down at Gaara. They stayed like that until
Kankuro threw Gaara into the couch and smashed his lips on Gaara's. Gaara's hands
went to Kankuro's head and threw off the hat thing and ran his fingers through
Kankuro's hair. Kankuro started nibbling on Gaara's lower lip and his hands went up
Gaara's shirt just running down his abs. Kankuro kissed down his cheek and then
started kissing Gaara's neck. Gaara moaned and he felt Kankuro's hands go to his
hips. His hands just rubbed his hips for a bit then his thumbs folded back and pulled
Gaara's pant's down a bit above his knees. He pulled down his boxers a bit and
stroked his member slowly making Gaara moan loudly. Kankuro lightly pressed his lips
to Gaara's and licked his lip in the kiss. The kiss continued until they heard
someone unlocking the door. Kankuro shot up and fell off the bed and Gaara pulled his
pants up and Temari walked in. 

"Hey you two. I just left something here." Temari said and looked at them. "Kankuro
why are you on the floor?"

"I uhhh... umm.... uhh." Kankuro studdered and Gaara looked at her cooly.

"I told him i'd kill him if he didn't get off the couch." Gaara said in his evil
scary voice.

"Oh... o_O ok then..." Temari said and grabbed something and walked out locking the

"That was close. Thanks Gaara." Kankuro said and Gaara rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." Gaara said and Kankuro frowned and walked over to Gaara.

"Don't be mad Gaara. I'm sorry." Kankuro said and Gaara turned the other way
stubbornly. "Don't be like that."

Kankuro walked over to Gaara and lifted his chin up so he was looking at him. 

"Kankuro..." Gaara whispered and Kankuro's lips lightly pressed agenst Gaara's.

Gaara's arms went around Kankuro's neck and his hands started playing with Kankuro's
hair and Kankuro's arms went around Gaara's waist. Kankuro's tongue glided across
Gaara's lower lip and opened his mouth a bit. Their tongues started to wrestle with
eachother until they heard someone drop something at the door. Their eyes opened
slowly and they turned to the door to see Temari gawking at them. They bolted apart
and blushed. 

"I-i'm gonna g-go to my room now." Kankuro said but Temari stopped him. 

"What are you guys doing..?" Temari asked and Gaara turned the other way.

"I don't have to answer to you." Gaara said and Temari raised her eyebrow and crossed
her arms.

"I'll tell dad." She said and Gaara's head snapped in her direction. 

"Temari... its kinda hard to explain." Kankuro said and scratched the back of his
head in embarassment.

"You and Gaara a couple?" She asked compleatly calm with a small smile.

"...yeah..." Kankuro mumbled and she giggled and they glared at her.

"I won't tell on you two, at least Gaara isn't being a mad killer. Have fun in your
relationship you two." Temari said and walked out leaving the two brothers blushing

[~with Sasuke~]

Sasuke was about to throw up if he continued kissing Sakura so he pulled away. Right
about now he was lusting for Naruto. He bit his lower lip and stood up. 

"Sakura I have to do something." Sasuke said and walked away.

 He's a good kisser! =^-^= 

Sasuke walked to Naruto's house and walked in and saw Naruto sleeping on the couch.
Sasuke walked over and brushed it out from his face and saw his hite-ate was in his
hands. He kissed the sleeping Naruto and he felt him kiss back. He broke the kiss and
looked at Naruto and his eyes fluttered open.

"S-sasuke?" Naruto mumbled groggily. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see you." Sasuke said with a smirk then chuckled. "Do you love me
Naruto? Cause I love you."

"No." Naruto said flatly and Sasuke sighed.

"Ok.." Sasuke said and walked out of the room.


Naruto thought for a second then smirked. Sasuke was toying with him. It's time for
him to get payback...

Momo16 says:   20 October 2007   446286  
sweet cant wait for the next one :D!!!
i thought sasuke would win but now im not so sure XD
‹ikaeros› says:   20 October 2007   681616  
lostmind98 shouts:   11 November 2007   453997  
right more I say!!!
lostmind98 whispers :   11 November 2007   942517  
i say that in a nice way


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