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You people need to be LITERATE.Category: Most of you will fail the literacy test.>_>
Sunday, 14 October 2007
07:19:24 PM (GMT)
-eyeroll- Maybe I shouldn't have came on this site. There's like 384354656546.5
people on here that AREN'T literate.One of my requirements as to adding me on here is
to be literate. Or at least semi-literate.

I doubt most of you even KNOW what literate is. It's not typing like this: omg wil u
plez b mi freidn i wl gve u 20395 kpnts plzzz b mi frend!(I only know how to type
like this because I was very illiterate on Neopets.Psh,I was SIX.And then I became

However,typing how I am right now is being literate. Sometimes,on a rare occasion,or
if you are really cool and I've been talking to you for 3243244325 years,I'll use
LOL,OMG,and WTF. But rarely unless you are that status. >_>

LEARN HOW TO BE LITERATE. You use it in school,you can use it on the Internet.(Well,I
know twelve year olds who can't right a proper sentence!THEY'VE BEEN WRITING FOR

Like,seriously.Even if you aren't literate offline (and can't be) ask for help from

And I do tend to give people grammar lessons.And if you can't understand what I'm
typing and it goes straight through you,prepare to be ranted at.(Seriously.My rants
scare even me. And I failed debate!Ha! I shouldn't have!)

You don't like this journal entry,too bad! The door's right in front of your face. Be
careful,it closes quite quickly and then you're trapped in my rantdom. >D


‹DasAtem› says:   14 October 2007   847316  
THANK YOU ! i've been waiting for someone who actually types
words....and not "lyke ur sho awesumee" .....seriously...i hate that
ZanyZeldaFan says:   14 October 2007   117888  
well, im usually only illiterate online- if i wrote every single word
out that i wanted to say, i would be on the computer a LOT longer than
i already am. i usually just abbreviate my words though. sorry if it
bugs you, but its just, simply put, a lot easier/faster to write like
that. now, keep in mind, this is only online though. again, sorry if
it DOES bug you.
miss_pink_muffin says:   14 October 2007   742587  
Okay miss literate, "rantdom" Is not a word. And that is just the
exact proof I need; No one is perfectly literate, some people might
just be lazy and that's okay. I mean, this is a place to meet people
and you know, people can add you without you even knowing who they are
so you can't exactly have "requirements" can you? Me and my friends
say "OMG WTF LOL" Because who would seiourly spell that out? here's an
example of what that kind of conversation would look like:

Molly: Oh my goodness, I just got asked out by Steve! He is so cute.
Sue: Oh my goodness seriously? 
Molly: Yeah, Laugh out loud, I was beginning to think he never wood.
Sue: Oh my goodness I know I was like, "what the fuck when are you
going to ask her?"
Molly: Sibling over shoulder. Be right back.
Sue: Oh my goodness your sister is so annoying.
Molly: My mom's getting mad at me for yelling at my sister. oh my
fucking goodness! Got to go.

How lame would that be?
freestyle13 says:   14 October 2007   269789  
I'll say this one more time.....

When people use things such as chat speak it sometimes gets
trying to understand.I certainly dont

On the other hand I if fact use words like kno and cuz just because I
usally spell the actual word right

In all fairness it doesnt matter how the prson types it its what
they're sayingthat matters. If a person doesnt want to exchange
letters with someone who uses chat speak then that's their desision,
it doesnt mean they're again you but it means that they may not
understand it.
ZanyZeldaFan says:   14 October 2007   294977  
i rest my case.
miss_pink_muffin says:   14 October 2007   977543  
Yeah, it doesn't matter if people use OMG WTF LOL JK ILU and  stuff
like that because NORMAL PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!!!!
QueenLaini says:   15 October 2007   732194  
To miss_pink_muffin:Yeah,that's what SEMI-LITERATE means.Duh.
QueenLaini says :   15 October 2007   449587  
Oh,and I know that rantdom isn't a word. 


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