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Thursday, 27 September 2007
08:25:57 PM (GMT)
this i s a story that is not read out of a book i will think you will like it and it
is for all ages lets start
                                                                         LITTLE RED

One day little red riding hood said i love my grandma alot and she is very sick i
should make her some soup mom can you make me some soup for granmda sure here have
mine i just made it and i was going to taste it but i don't want to keep you waiting
by mom i will be back in at least 1 hour ok see you then and be careful walking throw
the woods what was that? is someone here yes there is someone here as the wolf came
out of the dark corner im hungry... you want to eat me no some of that good
smelling... you mean the soup yes give it hey um you now this is for my grandma im
sorry im not beging nice were does your lovely grandma live up that big green hill ok
said the wolf as he left were are you going said little red riding hood back to my
place ok by by i need to find a store and quick there goes one hay do you work here
yes here take all my moneyjust don't hurt  me no i dont want your money were is a
little red riding hood suit at done that 4 lane the worker said scared thank you. As
the wolf went were evry body else was hi were is your money thats $10.00 hay man give
me 10 bucks here you go the 10 dollars well here is your suit were is riding hood ar
there she goes she might stop at on of the stores so i can make to her grandma's in
time as the wolf put on the little red riding hood suit on  now lets run up the hill
finally im here the wolf siad sweaty  breaving hard knock kncok who is it me little
red riding hood the wolf said come in the door is open little red riding your sweaty
are your sick? no then whats up big teeth grow them htats down big ears grow um your
not red riding hood you dont sound like her help help as the wolf at grandma i need
to go to the store again the wolf said as he ran and tipped towed were little red
riding hood was got a grandmas costume paid for it and left hey now i did to put it
on then he was on the run again got in the bed just in time knock knock who is it me
little red riding hood come in the door is open little red riding hood your not
grandma your the wolf im getting the wolf spray she sprayed it hey it not working the
wolf laughed in tears and said your really funny then the wolf got taller help help
Mr.James there is a wolf in there and it ate my grandma show me right there shout it
as Mr.James shout it and the wolf caughed up grandma good thing she was wearing a
bullet proof vest becuse went in very deep hay Mr.James want to have some soup with
us sure he said let me call my mom and tell her im safe ok they said instead of
having soup lets have wolf soup ok said every on grandma Mr.James i'm going to tell
my mom all about this.

                                     THE END                          BY: QueenKelly

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