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Whose Line is it Anyway?Category: (general)
Tuesday, 31 July 2007
02:46:18 PM (GMT)
I've had a look around the site and it appears that I'm the only one who
likes loves this show. I can't be the only person on kupika whose seen WLiiA?
and liked it - I mean, what are the chances of that, seriously?

Let me tell you about the wonder of Whose Line is it Anyway? so that I'm not alone
in my obsession anymore....

The show is a comedy program in which four professional comedians put their
improvisation skills through a series of games. Along the way, points are awarded and
the winner usually gets to sit-out/dictate the final game of the program. The thing
is, the points don't matter so the 'winner' is pretty much decided on a whim by the
host, which makes the points irrelevant but still for some unknown reason essential
to the game.

The show was first made here in the UK from '89 to '97 (I think...), and then
switched over to the US from '99 to '04. You're most likely to catch the US version
a.k.a WLiiA?US or Drew's Line as the UK version has been dropped by
pretty much every station. If you want to watch the UK version you're best buying the
DVD (released earlier this year, believe it or not) or brace yourself for a lot of
downloading from a fan site.

Right! More about the 'players' and their 'host'. I'll give you the run down on the
US version because of...well...it should be obvious why, if it isn't re-read the
paragraph above.

The show is hosted by the one and only Mr Drew Carey. Even if you know nothing about
the man's previous works (like I didn't when I first started watching WL), all you
need to know is that he can be amusing in his own right and has a very infectious
laugh, especially when he becomes hysterical! He takes the place of the 'winner' for
the last game of the show and performs with the other players. His improv skills
aren't that great, but he holds his own well enough. Often attributed to the line
'Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway - the game where everything is made up, and the
points don't matter!' which became the traditional intro to the show.

Regular player number one is Wayne Brady. Pretty much the only dark skinned player in
the collective history of WL, Wayne is known for his very physical antics (you can't
blame him - he is the fittest member of the players by a long shot) and his
excellent singing voice, which is put to good use during any of the shows numerous
musical games. He seems genuinely pleased to be on the show, and as it was revealed
in a particuarly memoriable episode, he has a 'tickly butt'.

Regular player number two is Colin Mochrie. Poor Colin is often the butt of many
jokes because of his baldness and the fact that he is actually Canadian. However, he
is loved regardless of these little jokes, often earning the sympathy of the audience
along the way. Colin is known for being extremely hard to crack-up during a scene,
often remaining straight-faced whilst the other players laugh. That isn't to say he
doesn't laugh, just rarely during a scene. His other trade-marks are coming up with
biting 'hoedowns' after being insulted in another player's hoedown, his inability to
do impressions, and his skill at the 'questions only' game. He is also the player
that exposed Wayne's 'tickly butt'.

Regular player number three is Ryan Stiles. Ryan is the tallest person on the show
(he's about 6'6), has large feet and a tendancy to wear oddly coloured shows. He is
made fun of for these, but not as much as Colin is teased for his features. He is
nearly always paired up with Colin, and rightly so, as they make a great team on the
show. He hates hoedowns with a vengance and is unafraid to make this clear during the
hoedown itself, by either making some remark about the hoedown or by making fun of
Drew during the hoedown. His connection with WL is the longest, having started on the
show during the second series/season of WL UK.

The show always has a fourth player, but that role is always rotated between several
comedians and comediennes. They are: Greg Proops, known for his glasses, smart
attire, skill during the guessing games, sharp quips about other players or the host
and for making it sound as though he's going to swear but replacing the swear word
with something completely unnoffencive; Chip Esten, known for his singing voice and
his dashing good looks (other peoples' words, not my own); Brad Sherwood, known for
questionable innuendo and for being an excellent all-round player; Kathy Greenwood,
known for her lack of skill during the guessing games and for being fairly talented
at 'questions only'.

The games vary depending on the fourth player, usually playing up to their skills.
Examples of games are the feared 'Hoedown' in which the players must create a
four-line verse based on a topic that has been shouted out by the audience and picked
by Drew; 'Questions Only' where two players are put into a scene and can only talk
through questions, messing up causes them to step out and let another player in;
'Party Quirks', where one of the players (usually the fourth) is hosting a party and
the other players are their guests - they also have strange identities or 'quirks'
which the host must guess; 'Scenes from a Hat' where the players must come up with a
scene/line/skit based on suggestions that were written by the audience before the
show and put into a hat, hence the name; and my final example 'Sound Effects', which
is always played by Ryan and Colin with two randomly selected audience members (all
women, blame Drew) - Ryan and Colin must act out a scene, with the audience members
providing the sound-effects. Usually this game is cringe-worthy for the two providing
the sound-effects, as they always mess up.

If you go over to Youtube, there are plenty of Whose Line videos if you run a search
for 'Whose Line is it Anyway', or just 'Whose Line'. Now hurry up and watch some, so
I can have someone to talk about WLiiA? too! (^_^)

_emo_lyfe_ says:   31 July 2007   267677  
I haven't watched that show in a long time, but it's really funny 
dghgddj says:   31 July 2007   731679  
yep! hilarous
Dragonfly01 says :   31 July 2007   497935  
I LOVE Who's Line!


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