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~Memeries~Chapter Seven:Blood To the rescue!Category: (general)
Saturday, 21 July 2007
02:22:51 AM (GMT)
  "No Aya! Stay back!" she warned you. But you didn't listen. You ran to the person
and threw a punch but it didn't hit her....instead black flames come out where you
punched and sent you flying back first to a tree.
~Aya's(ur pov)~
  "Itai" you said as your back hit the tree.
  "Tell me..." The girlish voice know sounded like a dude said. "Who are you?"
  "Hmph, like i'd tell you." You said with a smirk
  "Really?Not even to.." He took off his hood and u saw Josh. He's face. "Me?" He
sounded just like him.
  "Josh knows me."
  "Really? Are you sure Riku just didn't brain wash him?"
  You glared at 'Josh'. "How do u know that?"
  "Wouldn't you like to know." He picked you up by your black shirt and threw you
into another tree. This time your head hit it way too hard. The last thing your felt
was the cold snow.
~Blood's Point of view~
  Aya!Got to find help. You dashed outta the woods and in search of her
  "Aya! Where are you?" Roxas voice echoed.
  That guy! YOu quickly changed into a human.You had blood red hair and
wearing a red jacket with black pants.
  You quickly ran to where you heard the voice come from. And there he was with
spikey and mullet boy.
  "Hey!" You shouted untill they looked at you. "Follow me! Aya's in trouble!"
  They ran towards you and you ran back to the mansion entrance.
  You all arrived to see aya being held bridal style by the guy known as 'Josh'
  "Get away from her Josh!" Roxas yelled at him.
  "Roxas! This isn't josh! It's someone else. But i dont know who."
  They looked at you like you where crazy.
  "He's right.Im not josh.Im someone else."
  "Then who are you?" Roxas asked.
  "Hmph. I dont feel like explaning so i'm gunna take her and leave." He said opening
a dark portal.
  "No you dont!" He stepped in the portal anlong with you.
~Aya's point of view~
  "You looked up and saw josh carring you. "Josh?"
  He looked down to you."Ah..your finally awake sleepy head."
  "Neehh..." You stuck your tonge out at him. and smiled.Wait!Is this really
him? you thought.
  "Where going back home. Ok? I need to see my mom and little brother again." He told
  "Can you do that really?" You asked
  "Yeah and here we are now." He put you down gently on the ground. Around you was
disney castle. So peace full at night.
  "You should get back with Queen Minnie.She's probably worried.
  "Ok See you later!" You waved him good bye and ran off towards the
library.Something dosen't seem right.Somethings wrong. You thought as you
opened the door to the library. You saw Minnie with a tissue and cring next to
  "Minnie?" She looked up. When she saw you she gave you a hug.
  "I thought they took you Aya" she sobbed.
  You put a hand on her head. "Who minnie?"
  She didn't look up but said "Them.The darkness."

sand_ninja says :   24 July 2007   817525  
Oo.....the darkness.


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