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Tuesday, 10 July 2007
01:40:04 AM (GMT)
from jadeee!!

Status: single as always

Name: Felecia

Date of Birth: April 14

Birthplace: Florida

Current Location: living room
Eye Color: blueee/grey
Hair Color: reddish, brownish, blackish
Piercings: ears/belly

Tattoos: nope..not yettt


Band/Singer: fall out boy or 8 ball

Song:ridin high or purple stuff by 8 ball

Movie: The Crow

Disney Movie: um....

TV show: Viva La Bam, Jackass, miami ink

Color: blue and black

Food: black olives

Pizza topping:black olives

Ice-Cream Flavor: cookie dough 

Drink (alcoholic): amaretto sour

Soda: dr/ pepper

Store:  um.. idk

Clothing Brand:um...

Shoe Brand: idc

Wear to bed: bra and panties 

Season: spring

Month: april

Holiday/Festival: christmas,/april fools day, b-day

Flower: rose

Make-up item: Eyeliner

Board game: scrabble!

This or That

Sunny or rainy: rainy!!!

Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

Fruit or veggie: fruit

Night or day: Night

Sour or sweet: depends
Love or money: love
Phone or in person: person

Looks or personality: Both 

Coffee or tea: coffee
Hot or cold: cold 


Goal for this year: to less shy!
Most missed memory: not having my heart broken over and over again
Best physical feature: you tell me

First thought waking up: aw damn...i gotta pee. oh shit i'm late for school!
Hypothetical personality disorder: say what?
Preferred type of plastic surgery: umm...

Worst crime: a lot

Greatest ambition: to be a vet
Greatest fear: rejection(guess i'm over it)

Darkest secret: hm.....i dont know..

Favorite subject: lunch

Strangest received gift: not sure.

Worst habit: waking up too late.

Do You 

Smoke: No
Drink: maybee... 

Shower daily: YES
Like thunderstorms: you bet

Dance in the rain: omg thats my favorite thing in the whole world!! 

Sing: haha no
Play an instrument: trumpet, french horn

Get along with your parents:never

Wish on stars: somtimes...

Believe in fate: yeah.
Believe in love at first sight: why not
Can You:

Drive: i can but i'm not allowed

Sew: yep

Cook: yup 

Speak another language: a few...

Dance: only in my panties! :P

Sing: uhhh no.

Touch your nose with your tongue: no:/ i wish

Whistle: yes!

Curl your tongue: fuck no!

Have You Ever 

Been Drunk: who hasn't?

Been Stoned/High: nope

Eaten Sushi: tried it and hated it

Been in Love: yeah..

Skipped school: yep

Made prank calls: yes!!

Sent someone a love letter: yeah in like but he then ignored me

Stolen something: yeah..

Cried yourself to sleep: yes more often than you think..

Other Questions

What annoys you most in a person?: too cocky
Are you right or left handed? right
What is your bedtime? whenever i want foo

Name three things you can't live without: music,boys, internet!

What is the color of your room? white. covered in FOB and other posters
Do you have any siblings? yup! a sister, a brother, step brother and half brother.
Do you have any pets? yes. 4 dogs and a cat

Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? well duh id do it for free

What is your middle name? nonya
What are your nicknames? o jeezum here it goes, fefe, fish, fishes, feces, fweesha,
loser, tard

Are you for or against gay marriage? For
What are your thoughts on abortion?: if she was raped then go for it if not, no
fucking way

Do you have a crush on anyone? duh

Are you afraid of the dark? pitch dark only because i got locked in dark rooms and
closets as a child

How do you want to die?  however, painless

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on
day?  hell,. i don't fuckin know

Would you take a bullet for the one you love? course
What is the last law you’ve broken?teehee

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:

Hair color: black,brown

Eye color: blue,green
Height: my height or taller
Weight: i dont care
Most important physical feature: hair
Biggest turn-off: liars,cheaters,heavy smokers, cocky, vain,

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