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Short Story: CreatureCategory: short story.
Saturday, 7 July 2007
08:50:16 PM (GMT)
I wrote this awhile ago and i just found it today haha.
Let me know what you thiink i guess XD.
and yes i suck at punctuation/spelling & correct paragraphs..
and its not as long as it looks its mostly seperate lines.

"Elizabeth. Elizabeth"  called a soft voice barely above a whisper, "Elizabeth.
Elizabeth."  it repeated, desperately, over and over.  The owner of the voice planted
himself in the middle of the floor of the small cottage and peered into the inky
blackness of night outside the window.  "Elizabeth, answer me!"  He called again,
looking into the corners of the room.  
"Father?"  Asks a squeaky high voice to the left of the room.  
"It is I child.  Come to me Elizabeth.  Come here." 
"NO!" came the squeak again, more foreful this time.  
"Do as I say child."  The voice was soft, with a tint of being harsh.  
"But father, it is here.  I can sense it.  I can feel its presence."  came the reply.
"What do you sense dear Elizabeth?"  
"The creature!  It is here.  If you peer out of the window, it's red eyes you will
"That is silly child.  I was just out there.  I saw no creature." 
"It is there father.  Trust me."  
"I trust you. Come out of hiding and my face will show you my trust." He thrust out
his hand into the darkness where he could see teh slight silhouette of a small
shivering child.  Slowly she extended her hand and slipped it into his.  He smiled,
knowing he had won he over.  The child crept to him, quietly, hesitantly
"Open the door father."  She whispered.
"Why Elizabeth?"
"I must see the creature."
"But Elizabeth."
"Please, it is something I must do."
Quickly the father got up and opened the door.  Elizabeth pushed herself up and
walked to the open doorway.  She stared into the darkness, searching, wanting both to
find the creature and to just run away.  "What is it you see?"  Asks her father.  She
said nothing.  It was as if she was in a trance.  She put her hand out and clicked
her tongue.  They heard a low snarl and saw red eyes blink from a few feet away. 
Elizabeth shuddered but didn't pull her hand back.  She stepped onto the shallow bank
of snow on the doorstep.  The snow stung her barefeet and began to gather on her
eyelashes.  The creature came forward and snarled again.  The girl shivered as she
felt the creatures hot breath on her hand.  She reels back, but only slightly not
wanting to the creature to see how much fear it struck in her heart.  She looked at
it's neck and saw teh silver necklace.  That was what she wanted. 
Her breath was coming in short gasps and she was quivering with fear.  The creature
seemed to sense it and growled menacingly.  She refused to let this creature win so
she clicked her tongue once again and reached for it's neck.  It backed up and
snapped at her hand.  She bit her lip as tears fell from her eyes.  She couldn't give
up though.  She gulped down the lump that was clogging her throat.  She could hear
her father behind her saying a quick rayer.  "It's okay creature.  give me the
necklace.  That's all I want.  I do not wish to hurt you."
The creatures eyes studied her but finally looked away.  It clawed off the necklace
with its large paws and dropped it onto the ice in front of her, before sprinting
When Elizabeth was sure it was gone she stooped over and pickd up the delicate
necklace.  "Do you know what the necklace means?"  Asked her father
"I'm not sure. But I dreamed about it."  The child said simply.
"I know child, would you like to know too?"  The girl nodded silently.  "Come with me
and I shall tell you."
She took his hand and he led her into the cottage where they sat down.  "Elizabeth
are you sure you want to know about the necklace?"  Again the girl nodded.  Her
father got a far away look in his eyes as he went back in time,
"It was about 18 years ago.  Me and your mother were sitting in her familys cottage
talking.  I asked her to marry me and she said she had to tell me something that
could make or break our relationship."  He paused then continued, more slowly this
time.  "She said that a curse had been put upon her and that a creature would stalk
her and her family forever or until the silver necklace it wore was removed.  When
you were little your mother used to explain all about the creature to you and you
said that you'd get the necklace and you did my child, your mother would be proud. 
Also, the necklace stands for determination.  If you wanted the necklace you had to
be determined, and freedom, because with the necklace your family would be free.  Now
that you have the necklace in your possession you wlil always be determined and you
will always be free.  Even though you are young, you are ready to pursue your dreams
and live on your own.  You do not need me anymore."  He stopped and looked at
Elizabeth.  "Go, pursue your dreams child.  Tonight. GO!"  Elizabeth got up and
walked into another room, she came out soon after with boots, a heavy coat, large
pants and gloves instead of her silk night gown.  "Goodbye father.  I am taking your
advice.  I am pursuing my dreams."
He smiled.  "Good for you my child."  She leaned over and kissed him quickly on the
cheek she walked out the door her boots making soft crunching sounds on the frozen
walkway.  She never once looked back.

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