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Hm. Michi-chan's first attempt at a poem...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 June 2007
09:01:38 PM (GMT)
Ui ui! Michi-chan's first attempt for a poem. I'm just spilling my guts here, taking
everything I felt when I was teased and hurt for my heritage, which is Japanese. I
don't have a title for it yet...

Voices slur into distant moans,
The corners of the universe lift,
Light taps of fingers are numb and unheard,
But it's still there, that cracking heart.

At first, a knuckle is knocked into the glass until the cooked line follows,
Face is still uplighted, though.

The crack is prodded with several fingertips, experimenting.
A piece falls through and the voices gasp, eyes wide and observing.
And it's getting a little hard to breathe.

It is when the glass carved as a heart is gently cracked down the middle,
Eyes burn like icy fire
And throat closes up in attempt to stop the hysterical hiccups
It's hard to stand
When shoulders are caved in and fists try to pour the tears back in
And knees wobble and strain to remain straight

And it always hurts the most when you
Finger the shape of my eyes- thin ovals with a pinch of dark brown in the middle
And try to stop the tears.

When you
Rake scarred hands through my hair, silky and straight
Like yours will never be- thick and and strong.

And it's hard for you, I know
To try and unlock my jaw so I can breathe again.

Will they stop laughing ever?
Venomous, high voices, shrilled and ruffled with hurt.
And I can't help it if I look this way, am this way.

I will survive, I will,
But not very well.

Oi! I would really mean alot to me if you commented on it. It's my very first...
[insert watering anime eyes and trembling hands here]

RaverAlchemist says:   27 June 2007   384355  
Michi-chan, that's amazing ;-;
It sounds like it'd be lyrics to a J-rock Song ^_^
FreakehAnimeChick says:   27 June 2007   678244  
Which is weird, because I'm more the J-pop kinda chick ^_^
Thank you, Rei-chaaan! ^_^
psychoticangel159 says:   27 June 2007   817558  
O_O  See that? I can't even write as well as you >.<

I've written several poems, and only one is one I'd ever mention =X I
think I actually posted it up here.. o.O Not sure, though.

And your poetry is awesome =] I would've commented even without the
watering anime eyes and trembling hands xD
FreakehAnimeChick says:   28 June 2007   936172  
Ui! *scrambles to find Angel-chan's poem*

Heehee *sweatdrop* I just did that for good measure ^^;; Thanks,
psychoticangel159 says:   28 June 2007   885899  
It's actually the very first entry I posted =X
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   28 June 2007   197891  
Thats beautiful! :'(
FreakehAnimeChick says:   28 June 2007   156211  
Thank you, Ashely-chan ^_^
oresama whispers:   28 June 2007   679586  
Your poem's beautiful, especially for a first attempt!  ;w;
I want to make an oekaki now~~.  T0T;
...But I'd ruin the poem if I tried to make an oekaki based off of the
emotion it gives off.  x__x;;
You're a great poet~!  ^__^
FreakehAnimeChick says:   28 June 2007   873292  
Aw! Thank you so much, oresama!
Don't worry! I bet your oekakis are wonderful! ^_^
Eh... *runs off to look at Oresama's oekakis* ^^;;
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   28 June 2007   795658  
Your welcome Michi-chan!
momo09 says:   29 June 2007   725155  
This is one of the poems ive ever seen! :D
i particularlly liked the 4th verse
FreakehAnimeChick says:   29 June 2007   623599  
Thank you momo-chan ^_^
momo09 says:   29 June 2007   217543  
i said one of the poems didnt i ? ^^;
I mean one of the "best" poems sorry about that
FreakehAnimeChick says:   29 June 2007   237893  
XD That's okay ^-^
oresama whispers :   4 July 2007   949768  
I finally decided to make one!  o____o;
Here you go.  >_>

Should I link to this page?  owo


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