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Yes i wrote a scary storie part 1Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 June 2007
05:48:43 PM (GMT)
The night of July 4th

The night of July 4th, or you would say the 4th of July, I went out with my friends
Ricky, Zack, Nicole, Robert and me (Kylie). We all went out into the woods to set off
fire works where we wouldn’t get into trouble. It was one of the freakiest, most
dangerous nights of our lives, you want to know why? Well I will tell you.
The night of the 4th of July I was getting ready to go out with my friends. I had
just taken a nap on the couch because I knew it would be a long night. I was scared
about this whole idea of going into the woods at night, and setting off fire works at
just the age of 13. Okay, so you noticed I am a huge wimp about going out in the
night time. 
1. It wasn’t a good idea because of that girl just recently getting killed while
she was out alone at night.
2. The woods are a creepy place.
3. We aren’t aloud to set off fire works until we are 16 years old.
And 4. People aren’t aloud to set off fire works anyways in this state. We could
get into trouble by the police.
I just didn’t feel right about what we had planned for tonight, and I didn’t want
to break it to my friends or they will think I’m a total wimp.
I began to brush my hair and think, but it was too late for that when the door bell

I ran down the stairs and opened it up.
It was Ricky. 
“Are ready to go have some serious fun?” Ricky asked as he stepped in and headed
for the kitchen.
“Yeah I guess. P.s. come right in. I responded with a little giggle. 
You see I kind of had a little crush on Ricky ever since we started being friends. I
guess you could say I have liked him for a long time now after 5 years.
“What are you doing in there?” I yelled over all of the loud sounds he was making
from the kitchen.
“Just grabbing some stuff.” He replied.
He walked out of the kitchen with a whole bucket of plastic plates and spoons.
“What are you going to do with those?” I asked.
“Make my own fire works. LET’S GO!” He laughed, tugging my arm.
We slammed the door behind us and began to run up and down the steep hills to the
“Is everyone else meeting us at the woods?” I yelled to him as we ran.
“Uh….Yeah” He yelled with a weird expression.
“Cool!” I yelled back as I sprinted in front of him and we raced all the way
there and never got into trouble. The end. Not! Sorry, but if you want a fairytale
then go to buy little red riding hood. This is just the begging of the story.

Chapter 2

We got to the woods and I saw Zack, Nicole and Robert sitting on the ground playing
something with there hands. We ran up to them and fell down onto our butts. Our
breath was huffing and puffing and sounded like we just blew a house down.
“Gosh, did you guys run all the way here?” Nicole asked.
“No we drove!” I said in a sarcastic voice.
“You don’t have to be so rude!” Nicole snapped back at me.
“Sorry, I am just so tired and hot!” I replied.
“So let’s change the subject! Are you guys ready to go yet?” Robert asked.
“It’s not even dark yet Rob.” Zack said.
“Yeah he’s right. The sun is still setting.” Nicole said staring into the sky.
After that we all went quite staring into the sky waiting for the sun to set. Then I
realized it was going to take forever. I looked over at everyone staring into the sky
and then saw Zack staring at me, not the sky, not the sunset, but he was staring at
me. He had no expression on his blank face and he wouldn’t blink. Then after a few
seconds he looked away slowly.
Nicole bent over scaring me to death and grabbed my shoulder. 

“That was weird.” She whispered into my ear.
I turned around and whispered back “You saw that too then right?” I asked with a
scared expression on my face.
“Yeah!” Nicole said.
“So I’m not crazy?” I asked hesitated. 
“No, unless we are both crazy.” She responded.
I was freaked. Zack had never done anything like that before. Shake it off Kylie, It
is okay, he probably just saw a bug in my hair or something. Wait! Ewww, a bug in my
hair! I jumped up and began swinging mad at my hair with my arms.
Everybody looked over as I hopped around like a crazy person. Then I realized there
was no bug in my hair, and sat down in the grass again, looked up in the sky feeling
like I was a total idiot trying to act normal. Then when I got my mind set on the sky
I realized it was finally dark.
Oh no! I thought to myself. Dark is not good. I mean yeah it was boring staring at
the sky and being quite but now we have to go into the creepy woods. I totally forgot
about how scary it was going to be and now we are going to go into the woods right
now! Butterflies began to swarm in my stomach as we walked closer and closer to the
woods. I gripped my pockets as we passed the first set of trees. Then I yelled out
“Www-hat if we get lost? Do you know where you’re going? What if we get attacked
by a bunch of animals or what if we fall into a giant hole?

All of these questions began to pop out and I couldn’t stop them.
“You’re not scared or are you Kylie?” Asked Ricky.
“No! I’m not scared I just am trying to get everyone prepared.” I blurted out.
“Oh, okay sure, whatever!” Ricky responded.
Ricky wasn’t acting normal. He was acting almost as if he was trying to make me
look bad.
Nicole began to talk “Guys I am actually scared what if there are crazy people
living out here who will come and eat us?” Nicole whispered.
“Yeah!” I said frightened.
“Not!” She said glancing at me.
“Oh um yeah just kidding!” I said trying to smile.
Oh no, I began to think in my head again. She was so right! There can be crazy people
out here who would kill us and eat us for a midnight snack!
I don’t feel good I thought to myself. Then I felt someone walking behind me.

                            TO BE CONTINUED

DUDETMARIAH says:   27 June 2007   918677  
OMG! I LOVE IT! Your a great story teller Cailee. Do more! DO MORE!
kyle_33_18_52_20_0_19_7 says:   27 June 2007   657983  
my brain heart after that
CaileeGirl says:   27 June 2007   189174  
Lol thanks
Hey Mariah i will and do you want to come to my half birthday party?
kkatxx says:   5 July 2007   613172  
That was the best story on earth!
star5 says:   15 September 2007   476843  
kool story
CaileeGirl says :   20 September 2007   976789  
thanks i just havnt started on part 2 yet.... havnt had time


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