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Sunday, 24 June 2007
12:43:53 AM (GMT)
Summer had just woken up after a hectic night of partying.  Her head was pounding
though she didn’t know why.  There was just had a blurred image of past night:
going to Alyssa, her best friend’s, house, throwing a party while Alyssa’s
parents were in Maine, having a bottle of beer or possibly a few.  After that only
glimpses popped out of the crowded mess in her brain: car, emptying her stomach,
Johnny.  Oh shit, Johnny.  Johnny was in 8th grade, a year older than Summer, and in
her opinion the most magnificent being in the whole world.  Why had she let Johnny
see her in that drunken state?  Of course it was common for middle schoolers to throw
a party and get drunk but why oh why did Johnny have to be included in this specific
All of a sudden a sudden gush of cold swept over Summer that nearly knocked her off
her feat.  She heard a faint yelling and then a loud noise.  It was all over in a
matter of seconds but left her startled.  She knew something had just happened but
she couldn’t say what.
When she dared venture downstairs after dressing and taking a nice, long, cold
shower, the distorted glass frame in the door caught her eye.  She recalled sitting
in front of this door and staring at it for hours at a time.  The way she felt
watching the sun catch on the colors and reflect rainbows was just one of those few
things that Alyssa had never understood about her.  But she was now 13 she reminded
herself.  There was no reason to remember ancient daydreams.
In the kitchen Summer realized she was immensely hungry.  “Of course,” she
thought bitterly to herself “I must have thrown up everything last night.” 
“Wonderful,” she reminded herself, “school tomorrow.  Aren’t I lucky?”. 
Today was Sunday, she assumed, because she had went to Mary Kate’s last night and
will go to Alyssa’s…Frick.  “Mom, I’m going to school!” she yelled.  While
she grabbed her bags she scolded her brain for forgetting that today was Monday.
Monday January 16 to be exact.  Today would just be like any ordinary day, but maybe,
just maybe she could catch a glimpse of Johnny and show him that I’m not always a
drunky.  Her birthday had been 3 days ago on January 13.  Her party had been canceled
due to the fact she was grounded and her Mom was going out to another movie and
dinner with another undoubtedly sucky date .  She had called her friends as soon as
they were out the door and them to be at her house by 7:00 and they all had to be out
by 10:00.  Summer never told her Mom about her “rescheduled” party and why would
she ever?  She had gotten away with it.
At school the speakers were blaring with there usual morning announcements read by
Ida Roche the “cockroach” and the school Principal.

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