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My True Love 2 Chapter 11: Hannah Sophia KurrieCategory: stories
Friday, 8 June 2007
05:09:03 PM (GMT)
Authors note: I'm fastfowarding it to March..2 months later..

March 14th
I was almost ready to have a baby. I couldn't believe it..anyday now I would be a
mother of a gorgeous baby. I looked at my stomach, it was huge. I layed on my bed,
day-dreaming. I tapped my hands on my stomach. I got out of bed and quickly went to
my computer. I went on this website and looked for baby names. I found his or her
name. If it was a she, I would name it Hannah Sophia. Hannah meant grace and Sophia
meant wisdom. If he was a boy, his name would be Kevin Ryan. Kevin for beautiful at
birth and Ryan for little king. I thought those were great names and I turned off my
computer. I decided to go to Chad's house for a little.

When I was inside Chad's house, I told him the names. He thought they were great too.
I smiled and kissed him lightly. I walked into the kitchen looking for a snack. I was
having a craving for some cheez doodles but I contolled myself and got an orange
instead. I took a bite. The tangyness was tingling my tounge with great taste. I took
another bite. The door bell rang. "I'll get it." Chad called. I looked from the

"Hello?" He said, answering the door. "Hello." I heard an answer. The voice sounded
strangely familiar. "Do you know Alexa Anderson?" He asked. "Yeah, but why?" Chad
answered. "I need to talk to her. I'm Caledon Harrison." My mouth dropped. I told
Chad about Cal so he wouldn't know. All of a sudden, I felt something. My water
broke! I tried not to scream but it just came out. I heard a door slam and Chad came
running in. "We have to get you to a hospital." He told me. "What happened to Cal?" I
asked silently. "Who cares, lets go." He answered. I nodded as I got up and tried to

I felt pain all over my body. "Come on, push. PUSH!" I pushed as hard as I could. I
heard crying. "Congratulations, it is a girl." I couldn't believe it, Hannah Sophia
was finally into the world. They took her and cleaned her up. When I got her back, I
held her. "Hello, Hannah Sophia Kurrie." I said smiling. I looked at her beautiful
blue eyes. She had a little smile. I giggled. Soon, my dad, Mollie, and Chad came in.
"My grand daughter.." My dad said, holding Hannah. "That took a lot of energy out of
me." I said. Chad smiled. "She is beautiful." Mollie was now holding her. She kissed
her gently on the cheek.

The next day
"Oh my, she is gorgeous!" Jessica said. Jessica, Kimberly, and I had a sleepover at
my house. "I know." I said laughing. Hannah was making spit bubbles. She was so cute.
She put her hands up in the air. I hugged her gently. "I wonder if Zack and Sarah
would be proud of me going through this." I said. "I'm sure they are." Kimberly said.
Hannah suddenly grabbed my hair. "I have to start thinking of names for my baby
because you never know. I might have the baby 2 months early!" Jessica said. "I could
show you the website where I got ideas." I said. "Okay!" Jessica said. "I can't
believe I'm going to be married next year!" Kimberly said, totally changing the
topic. "I know, its hard to believe." Jessica answered. Hannah placed her hand on my
chest. Soon she started crying. "I think she needs some breastfeeding." I said.
Jessica and Kimberly went to the other side for my privacy. I lifted up my shirt.
Hannah was so gentle. I wondered what would have happened if Zack was here..

Yay! The part you have been waiting for! Hope you enjoyed it and I will make
another chapter soon.

Liloty writes:   8 June 2007   246796  
i liked it very much
tinkernutgirl says:   8 June 2007   728467  
very good
chocolatecandy asks:   8 June 2007   892953  
why breastfeed??i know it has all the vitamins but..??? but i
loooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeedddd you'r story!!!!
Why_am_I_so_beautiful_2391 says:   8 June 2007   539795  
I loved it! I'm soooo glad that it went out!!
steffisteffi says :   10 July 2007   194199  
omg i just read the whole series, it was awesome, can't wait for the
next chapter!!!


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