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New Moon Part 1 of the Phases of the Moon seriesCategory: Fanfictions
Monday, 28 May 2007
07:28:04 PM (GMT)
The lump of blue sheets and silver bed covers groaned and shifted.
At hearing this threat against her beloved lemon tea Tsuki Mizu or the lump in the
bed jumped out of bed and grabbed a brush and began brushing her short wavy brown
hair out of her blue eyes. The 12 year old  then began brushing her teeth. Once she
was done tending to her primary needs she began putting her clothes on. She threw on
a long sleeved teal shirt with a snake and a crescent moon on it, a short sleeved
silver and black jacket, blue leggings, and a short silver and blue skirt. Mizu put
her shoes on and then tied her hitai-ate which stated she was a Leaf nin around her
neck. Mizu then gathered two of her most prized possessions, her katana Ryuujin and
her silver charm bracelet. Both had been left to her, among many other things, by her
idol, and role model, the deceased Tokoyo Tsuki. The brunette quickly attached her
katana's sheath and the katana to her back. She then rushed into the kitchen.  "Bye
mom, , bye Kaji!" She said greeted her mother, father and older brother Kaji while
running out the door. Outside waiting for her were two of her closest friends,
Shuurai Raitaro and Kaen Ryu. Shuurai was a 12 year old girl with copper colored hair
and grey eyes, she wore a red and golden ao dai and wore her hitai-ate around her
waist. Kaen was a 13 year old girl with black hair and grey eyes, she wore a orange
shirt with red butterflies on it and black pants and wore her hitai-ate around her
arm. "Come on Mizu-sama!" Shuurai said running towards the academy.

 They arrived and burst through the door dramatically, where they were met by Miki
Midori, another close friend of Mizu's. Miki was 12, had brown hair and green eyes,
and wore a brown shirt with green sleeves, brown leggings and a green skirt with
leaves on it, she also wore her hitai-ate around her waist.  "Hi Miki!" Mizu said
chipperly. "Hello Mizu-sama, Shuurai-sama, and Kaen-sama." Miki said sitting next to
Kasai Yari, a 13 year old girl with flame colored hair and grey eyes. Kasai wore a
red shirt, and black pants. On her back was her spear, and over her left knee was her
hitai-ate. "Hi Mizu, Shuurai, Kaen." Kasai said dully, obviously bored.  "Mizu! Kaen!
Shuurai!" Akari Oki a 12 year old girl with black hair  a blue ribbon which she wore
a like a head band and blue eyes exclaimed, waving. Akari wore a blue shirt with
golden fish on it and black pants. Around her neck she wore her hitai-ate."My
friends!My heart swells with joy to see you all!"Mitsu Aiko said dramatically. The
dramatic kunoichi had blonde hair and wore a yellow shirt and yellow pants. Mitsu
wore her hitai-ate around her waist. "Hi guys." Hoshiko Kozumikku stated. The stellar
nin had purple hair and purple eyes. She wore a purple dress and purple leggings with
stars on them. She wore her hitai-ate around her neck. "Where's Yami?"Kaen asked,
wondering where her black hair, black kimono wearing friend was. "She's sick."
Hoshiko said.  Mizu then sat down across from the person she hated more than
anything, Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke glared at her and she glared back. "I wonder if I
glare hard enough at the idiotic Uchiha he'll explode." Mizu thought and wished.
Unfortunately for Mizu he didn't explode. "Black againist blue! The sea againist the
night sky!"  Shuurai said dramatically.  Sasuke then broke away from glaring at Mizu
and glared at Shuurai. "HA! You looked away O' Master of a Thousand Stupidities. I
win!" Mizu shrieked trumphantly. "Whatever....." Sasuke replied. 
( To be continued!)
Last edited: 11 July 2007

Mizu_Tsuki shouts:   28 May 2007   124525  
ACK! Spelling mistakes. Dx
tomcat9251994 says:   28 May 2007   327112  
lol its okay
Mizu_Tsuki says :   29 May 2007   816979  
Thanks. ^^


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