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CYBERING? the reason y THEY do it READ THIS PLEZ IF YOU HATE CYBERINGCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 22 May 2007
09:53:20 PM (GMT)
y do peppl cyber kupika is all screwed up cuse peppl are like that and i think it is
DISCUSTING who ever cybers is a frek and they do it cuse they r despertet to have S*X
and for those of you who dont know what it is it is having S*X over the internet and
it is ewWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW most peepl do it cuse cuse they r despertet to have S*X 
and the other 15% do it cuse they think it is FUN or they do it cuse there frinds do
it well you r not sooooooooooooo cool now i bet that 90%of the peepl on here hate
cybering and the other 10 likes or lovs it and it is
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross

myhottie_cutie says:   22 May 2007   434786  
yeah ur right kyleigh!!!!
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says:   22 May 2007   287245  
‹HANNER› says:   22 May 2007   811111  
I think cybering is like so stupid, people are just trying to
VIRTUALLY get inside your pants, and.. honestly, I don't understand
why.. I mean like... as if that will ever happen with that person,
because most people cyber with others who are like half way around the

‹shii-chan♥› shouts:   22 May 2007   816135  
but if you want people to SERIOUSLY read this, please fix your
spelling cause I almost couldnt read it..
thank you!
Google_8D says:   22 May 2007   469912  
Dude if you hate cybering just blacklist people who cyber and shut the
FUCK up about it.
i_am_perfect_so_deal_with_it says:   23 May 2007   258681  
really! if they need to have s*x y dont they meet up? lol for those
cyburing ppl,
it shows that you can't get a pperson you know to f**k you cuz you are
to (fat,ugly,stupid etcetc)
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   23 May 2007   565537  
I think cybering is stupid because like, how are you going to do it
over the internet? Ooh this is so cool isn't it *has sex with u* oh
yeah it feels so good. ITS STUPID. Why do people do it? It's not like
havin sex for real and how can people virtuall have it? It's not like
they're ever gonna meet. Also i agree with: i am so perfect deal with
it. They are probably so fat ugly and gay that no one would ever wanna
hav it with them for real so they pretend on the internet and say they
are so hot.
maneater says:   23 May 2007   472168  
omg u pple r crazee i luv it u obviously havnt dun it wiv sum1 good
letter me if u want to if u dunt like it blcklist people its not a
puppy610 says:   23 May 2007   816859  
BubbleGum, delete all of the sex loving comments on here, then delete
mine plz.
sexy_man7 says:   23 May 2007   769719  
dammn u r stupid cyberin feels good! 

fact: when young girls think about cyberin/ S_E_x it makes their pussy
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says:   23 May 2007   244612  
thanx guys for ur support well i dont blacklist them unless they
talkto me or ask me but if u dont have noting nice to say dont sware
ok i hate peppl who sware OK
Naughy_Naughty says:   1 June 2007   459565  
I agree with Google_8D 
but hey Imbiased
ParisHilton cries:   1 June 2007   878921  
hey u so mean!!
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says:   2 June 2007   939629  
ok what ever
Ednico says:   20 June 2007   335999  
some one is asking me 2 cyber with them!?!?!?!
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says:   20 June 2007   747551  
EVERYONE thtanks ezcept:ParisHilton Sexy_Man7,Google 8D
but everyone else you ROX!
‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   20 June 2007   928658  
cybering is the dumbest thing ever thought of! your right!
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum writes:   21 June 2007   524531  
i know i am right LOLz
peterbuilt says:   1 July 2007   727195  
it is bad, but really can we stop it?
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says:   1 July 2007   662371  
if we all work together maby
lilwhodat14 says:   2 July 2007   928141  
no u cant and so wut if ppl cyber its not ur business i dont love
cybering but its not a big deal ur getting all into sum one elses
business if u dont like it oh well  you shouldnt act like its a crime
or something god wuts wrong with u
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says:   6 July 2007   592176  
flowerpetal23 says:   11 July 2007   839845  
you're right!
HubbelBubbelBubbelGum says :   11 July 2007   685949  


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