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Killer On The Road - Chapter FourCategory: (general)
Monday, 23 April 2007
12:49:39 PM (GMT)
"This is sooo cool," said Ella, checking her reflection in the car mirror and
smoothing her hair down as it flew about wildly in the wind.
"I know," I said, taking one hand off the steering wheel and fumbling around in my
handbag. "Who's up for a bit of shopping?"
"Yeah, definitely!" said Gwen. "But first, can we stop off at a small shop, I need to
get some chewing gum. You know where I am without it!"
"Or maybe we don't know," I laughed, pulling over to the side of the road. I
put a wheel lock on the steering wheel and hopped out of the car along with Ella and
"Y'know," said Ella. "I think that guy was totally checking you out!"
"That one at the tyre place?"
"Eww!" I pretended to be disgusted but inside I was practically glowing. No one had
ever fancied me before. I was easily the prettiest girl back at school, but all the
boys fancied Alana, the most popular girl ever. In the entire universe, basically.
And she wasn't even halfway pretty.
Gwen selected a gum off the shelf and handed it over to the girl on the till. She
payed with the American money and then we all went back outside.
As we jumped into our car, we saw a man wearing all black and a black mask hop into
the car behind as. We turned out of the shop car park and we suddenly realised. He
was following us!
Gwen looked behind worriedly, chewing her gum, her teeth chewing desperately. Ella
stayed looking straight forward but little beads of sweat were forming behind her
neat stylish fringe.
I slammed down on the accelerator, and the car behind did the same. I could see the
man in my mirror. He was concentrating on our car! I started to breathe heavily,
trying to keep myself calm. As I pushed down on the accelerator as hard as it would
go, the man glared at me. He knew I was looking straight at him in the mirror. The
car swerved dangerously on the busy road. I turned sharply at the next corner and the
man went straight ahead. We kept on driving and driving down the new road, anxiously
looking back.
"I think we lost him!" said Gwen, breathing heavily. We couldn't see the man
Ella gulped and spat out the piece of gum Gwen had given her. Usually, she would have
spat it neatly in the bin, but today, well, today was different.
I twisted the bracelet around my wrist again. The car was stopped by the side of the
"Maybe we should go back to the hotel?" said Ella nervously.
"Yeah, I'm with you on that one," I said. I was trying to act bouncy, but my voice
came out limp and wobbly. Gwen sighed but kept looking back anxiously, as if the man
was on our tail ready to bash into us and kill us within a second.
"What I don't get is why he wants us," I said, without thinking.
"Don't say that! We don't even know if he does!"
"Oh well, the chances are pretty likely, don't you think?" said Ella.
"Stop arguing, girls! With what we know he could be right outside this road so we
have to stay strong and act normal," I said, acting as the team leader.
"Sure, great plan but, how exactly are we going to do that?"
"Aha," said Gwen. "Good point."

Dragonfly01 says:   23 April 2007   795713  
is that like the killler?
plz write more!!!!!
AThomason says:   23 April 2007   218161  
dragon chill ok don't have a heart attack
rubytuesday whispers :   12 May 2007   428536  
Love it!!


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