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Bane and TwingCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 18 April 2007
02:13:29 PM (GMT)
Bane and Twing

I watched a bluebird soar,
Across the painted sky.
And then I saw my life,
And questioned why.
I need to change my ways,
And the way I treat my friends.
I need too redirect my path,
Before my life ends.
Then a storm came,
And I went to hide.
I tried too be kind,
Oh how I tried.
Then I saw the bluebird,
Undaunted by the storm.
She looked valiant,
All cozy and warm.
“Little bluebird,
Why are you so brave?” 
I was truly interested,
I watched how she behaved.
“I hid from the storm,
And I’m so big and tall.
But in your nest you sat,
And your so very small.”
“Be quiet girl,
You like too hear your voice.
The reason I’m so brave,
Is because I made a choice.
I had the choice too flee,
But I never flew.
This concept,
I truly learned form you.
You too are brave,
And so you are strong.
But I’ve seen the way you act,
You know that you’ve done wrong.”
“Little bluebird, 
When I hear you sing.
I don’t understand,
I can’t hear a thing.”
“When you do whats right,
And you right what you wrong.
That’s when you will hear,
And understand my song.”
Then she flew off,
But then hit the ground.
The cat had finished her, 
With one fatal bound.
I listened to what she said,
And I righted what I wrong.
But she never will sing,
And I have yet too hear her song.
So then I found the cat,
The one who killed my friend.
“The reeper told me too,”
It said, “So she met her end.
She helped you change your ways,
So her work was done.
Go hear her daughter sing.”
And so the hunt begun.
“hello little birds,
I’m looking for my friend.
Well I was too her mother,
Before her life did end.”
“Your speaking of my mother,
Would you like too hear me sing?
I must tell you my title,
I go by the name of Twing.”
So I listened to her song,
So melodic and sweet.
Onto my hand,
She jumped with little feet.
‘We fly in forgein skies,
To find someone we love.
And then we have a chic,
And we nudge it more like shove.
Some then fly,
And others hit the ground.
Some begin too sing,
Others dance around’
“Twing you sing beautifully,
What was your mothers name?”
“it was given too her by a human,
When she was tame.
She was caged,
And never aloud too fly.
Then a human girl came,
And she knew she wouldn’t die.
She followed the girl,
And saw that she was strong.
But then she saw the other side,
One that was all wrong.
The human girl,
Was none other then you. 
She helped you change your ways,
As she’s done with so few.
So she was given a title,
When she was tame.
She was called evilly,
A title such as Bane.”
So Twing flew away,
And started a new song.
One that was of death,
And an un-righted wrong.
So I went back home,
And set Twing a nest.
And when ever she flew by,
That was were she would rest.
But then one day,
She never did come by.
I looked out my window,
Again a painted sky.
The I asked her friend,
Where twing could be.
“She found a human girl,
By the name of Emily.
She lives down the road,
In 1Maple Street.”
Then he flew away,
With a goodbye tweet.
So I found the girls house,
The mother came too the door,
“is Emily home?”
And she slid across the floor.
“Did you know a bluebird,
By the name by Twing?”
“Yes.” She answered,
“But I never heard her sing.”
So too the park we went,
Too hear the bluebirds song.
We both changed our ways,
And righted our wrong.
I heard Banes voice,
Singing in harmony.
All the birds sang,
All perched within the tree.
So I sat,
With Emily at my side.
It began too rain,
But we didn’t run and hide.
I mourned my friends deaths,
“Thank you Twing and Bane.”
A title given too her,
When she was tame.
And so I set a plaque,
Honoring my flying friends.
When both our new beginnings,
Led too their fateful ends.
Now years later,
I still remember her voice.
I know too do no wrong,
And that is my choice.
So now the bluebirds sing,
And I’m knitting under the tree.
This is now my home,
And where I’m meant too be.
Maybe in the next life,
I’ll be a bluebird like Twing or Bane.
I know that sounds weird,
But don’t think me insane.
They now push there chics,
Too see if they would fly.
I just saved one,
I knew destined too die.
The mother jumped down,
“Hello I am Fling,
You just saved my chic.
Why did you,
Its such and unsightly thing.”
Then the chic,
Started too sing her song.
“I will name you Bane,
Now lets prove your mother wrong.”

By Eden Clark
April 18, 2007
2:12 pm

Lime says :   19 April 2007   578177  


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