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I feel hurt and i want opinionsCategory: (general)
Thursday, 12 April 2007
02:49:29 PM (GMT)
Well Its about my so-called friend Courtney.........In the begginning we started
good friends even though she was known to be very mean we got a long.......Then I
helped her get together with her crush and then she hated him and dumped him she got
everyone to trun on me and I couldnt help but cry when everyone laughed and called me
a name....But she was the one who cheered me up.....Then our group told her this big
secret and she pratically told everyone ..............Then the thing im talking bout
now is what makes me hurt the most.....I thought things were patched up bewtween us
and she called then she asked me a personal question and i answered back
honestly....Then i asked her if she thought i was insane and she said no....Then i
said i had to go.....She called me back later and kept talking bout the secret but i
heard giggling in the background......I knew it was a girl in my class named Kendra
a.k.a. gossip queen ...I made an escuse and hung up....I thought that maybe she told
Kendra everything and i felt so bad......Then she called back on my house and she
left a stupid message about her needing help with farting...She said my secret to but
in a small way.......I really think she thinks im insane and so does Kendra...What
shoudl I do? Should i tell her i was joking  or threaten her? Please i seriously need
help TT^TT

‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   12 April 2007   322245  
Just ignore them as much as you can.
sarahsarah says:   12 April 2007   238263  
nethier tell her how u feel and tell her how bad u would feel if she
told kendra and evryone else if she does tell and people make fun of
you say if u want to oh she must have mixed me up with her and kendra
EvilKitty says:   12 April 2007   921741  
Thanks guys but She might lie and say she never do that and talk bout
me behind my back
Sensegirl asks:   13 April 2007   726554  
do you live in La Rnge
EvilKitty says:   14 April 2007   859546  
no i dont
Fire_raina says:   6 May 2007   454461  
Woah, that's really complicated. How about you try taking a break
from her for awhile. For like a week or so. If you notice your life is
better without her, then quit.
EvilKitty says:   7 May 2007   382775  
^^ thanks i appreciate it
EvilKitty says:   7 May 2007   163355  
Ill use your ideas one at a time
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   7 May 2007   477475  
right, this is what i'd like to do: go round her house and punch
their silly smirky faces in.
DON'T do that but wish you could.

right, now this is what you should do: ignore her for like a
week or two and then if she is being really mean just say, "If you
haven't got anything better to do than bug me, get a life." and walk
away. if she keeps on being mean tell someone. but if she just ignores
you then find other friends.

hope this helps
EvilKitty says :   7 May 2007   551962  
Oh.....i like that idea XD i could probably pull off the first one !
lol jk


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