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TEEN STORIES: A Strange Boy In the Window.. Chapter 1Category: Teen Stories, Love Stories
Monday, 9 April 2007
06:50:24 PM (GMT)
Ok folks, heres my first story chapter, and if theres a great demand for it, I'll
continue to write and develop on this story as well as starting new ones..!!

Chapter 1 - A Strange Boy In the Window

It was a warm summers day, so much that the scent of flowers mixed with the dazy heat
burned off the pavements of every neighbourhood. My name is Astrid, I live in an
ordinary neighbourhood, surrounded by ordinary houses and the people, unfortunately
are also.. ordinary. I'm reasonably tall, long in leg, tanned with unusually green
eyes. The story starts in a new arrival to my neighbourhood, which was definately out
of the norm for my area of town. 

   One beautifully crisp morning I happened to see a large van in front of the vacant
house beside us, I was immediately curious to what, and who was moving in. My eyes
flickered from left to right, and focused on two figures walking towards the house.
My heart fell, it was a reasonably old couple, again. Ordinary. My life was doomed to
be boring and now, at an all girls public school, there was no chance of a romantic
trist or encounter at all. For a while I had been bullied at this school, two older
bigger girls who had taken an extreme dislike to me for no apparant reason. My life
seemed a depressing existance indeed. 

  That night I trudged home from school after missing the bus, slowly pushing the
strap of my bag up my shoulder, I saw some more people entering the newly inhabited
house. This time it seemed there was a slightly younger couple sitting in the garden
and laughing loudly. They seemed mildly attractive, but way too old for someone of my
age to be aquainted. I had just turned 17 in the july, and I was beginning to find
myself in a neighbourhood with either young, irritatingly cute children, or adults
too old and mature for conversation with a seventeen year-old. I dreaded dinner as I
was called down from my room later that night. My family didn't seem to get along
anymore, although my mother insisted on us sitting together every night. 
 My mother was a beautiful woman, her eyes were an unusually bright blue, and her
body, still young looking after all these years. My father worked far too often and
never seemed to appreciate the hard work and effort my mother did around the house.
These caused family arguments and definite feuds. We ate dinner in silence, until my
father put down his knife and fork with a bang.

                ' Marie' he said looking at my mother intently, 'I've been thinking,
and I thought that maybe we should have a party, for your 40th birthday' 

there was a long silence and my mother smacked her lips thoughfully before answering
' Can we afford it?' 

               His uncomfortable smile answered as a yes, and this circled the whole
of the conversation for the evening. I smiled, thanked my mother for the beautiful
meal and left in a hurry to snuggle into my messy hovel of a room. It was decorated
beautifully, but had been neglected by me. I had let my clothes pile up, not cleaned
up enough and now, even three years later lay my nail varnish stains on my desk at
which I worked on. 

It was getting late after I had done all my work and chatted blindly on the computer
when I decided to get ready for bed, as I slowly pushed up my shirt and unbuttoned my
jeans an uneasy feeling came over me. As if I was being watched. I looked around
hurridly and looked straight to the window. There, was a boy staring in my direction.
Embarrassed i grabbed my shirt and pressed it against my chest, but he continued to
stare. After I had overcome my embarrassment I realised that he was rather good

    He was tall, his shoulders broad but of a medium build. His skin was like mine,
but more a mocha colour, which clashed with almost black, brown eyes. His lips were
perfect, masculine with a slight plump quality and his messed up dark brown hair hung
over his eyes broodingly. Our eyes were connected for some few minutes when he raised
his hand in a simple greeting manner. I smiled and waved back, then closed my
curtains in my timid mood.   

  My mind began to wonder as I put my head down on the pillow.. who was this boy? Why
had I not seen him this morning? All I knew is that I had to get to know him better.
Those eyes, that had made me weak at the knees were to beautiful to miss out on. He
was perfection in the human form. I tossed and turned all night feelings of
running through my head.

keyshia says:   9 April 2007   587272  
keep on typin!
Dragonfly01 says:   9 April 2007   661511  
plz write more!!!

like now plz
‹NAtAShA.COURtNEY› says:   14 April 2007   992711  
keep goin!!that is soooo good!
geturownlife says :   21 June 2007   773531  


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