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Like a big sister?Category: Digimon
Saturday, 31 March 2007
05:59:16 PM (GMT)
"Allright, Finaly!!" I shouted, "Biyomon! Digivolve!" As my chest started glowing
pink and i started rising, biyo mon was floating around. "Sora" Byomon said "biyomon"
"Biyomourph digivolve to.. Soratemon!" we said together, gently floating down. "Lets
do this!" I thought. "right" byomon said back to me. Tai jumped back "Did Sora just
digivolve?!" He nearly yelled. "I think so!" Said T.K., backing up. I smiled. " don't
worry guys," I said, "we gottcha" Me/byomon slashed the garurumon. "Not verry
effective" I said. "Let me show you, Sora" Biyomon said. I/byomon took out arms and
they started glowing "Me-" I said. "me-" "tal" "tal" "flame! "flame!" We said, my
voice a little behind hers. Suddenly, flat gold things went out of our arms "DID SORA
JUST PREFORM METALFLAME?!?!?!" Tai said, shocked. "gotta problem with that?" I asked,
winking. "N-no" Tai stammered, still amazed. "They just biyomourphed, Tai, they have
the crest of love, there is GONNA be some stealing moves here!" Said matt, gritting
his teeth "I'm so scared" I said, turning back to the enime. "Flower... Spindle!"
Alot of flowers shot from my back and blew to Garurumon. "Hey!" Said Mimi. "Thats my
move!" "Mhm" I said. Garurumon suddenly bursted into a fractle code. "This ones
mine." I said un byomourphing and grabbing the fractl code. "Yeah!" I said. I
suddenly started spinning. "Fractle code, digitise!" Tk, mimi, tai, matt, and karri
were shocked. "Sorry, guys." I said. "But this codes mine"
Last edited: 31 March 2007

Malon says:   31 March 2007   472916  
Cool, sora ^^
Sorra says:   31 March 2007   717899  
Emo_loves_you says :   13 June 2007   153979  
Nice Sorra. 


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