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Vallatoga Chapter 7: the battleCategory: adventure story
Tuesday, 20 March 2007
08:49:00 PM (GMT)
" i dont know where he is" also panicked Sachel. Then they heard a noise coming from
the lake " oh no" Eric moaned running to the lake to help Matt " im coming !" he
yelled and he jumped into the lake to see Matt slowly sinking to the bottom
breathless " bluup" is all he said from the bubbles when he tried to speak and he
swam and grabbed Matt and took him to the suface where he was greeted by Sachel
looking very worried. " is he ok?" panicked Sachel " i dont know yet, hes unconcous"
said Eric as he throbbed and pushed at Matts chest to try to get the water out of his
lungs. " please breath" cried Eric trying to get him to breath and soon after Matt
woke up and was concious again " im fine" said Matt in a soft low voice. " oh good "
said Sachel from behind them. At that time a dark mist had begun to rise from the
lake and a shadowy figure became of it. " i am lord Dameastro the prince of all
chaos" went a loud and deep voice. " who are you and why are you here" said Eric " i
have come from my master to destroy you and keep you from getting in his way of
taking over Vallatoga" Dameastro boomed again " you will never get through us!" Eric
yelled as Matt was getting back onto his feet " yeah" both Matt and Sachel agreed "
fine, this will be easy" Dameastro said in a brave over confident voice. "
welomanaluki!" Eric yelled as a beam shot from his hands blasting Dameastro over 50
feet away. " hmm your pretty strong, but dodge this!" Dameastro said forming a big
black ball above him amd he shot it towards Sachel " ahhh" Sachel yelled trying to
escape the path of the ball when Matt came in front of the ball and used his energy
to balance it back at Dameastro " augh!" Dameastro yelled falling to the ground  and
then got up " i will be back" Dameastro said as he flew back into a weird portal. "
that was too close" Eric said panting " yeah " Matt agreed " Sachel could have been
hurt" he added. " well at least its over and im safe" Sachel said smiling.

Animegirl9000 says:   6 April 2007   614176  
cool! i cant wait for chapter 8!
Animegirl9000 says:   6 April 2007   335847  
Yaaa first to comment!
josh10 says :   7 April 2007   984651  
^-^...i might make chapter 8


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