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The Cool CatCategory: All cat lovers and my friends must read this
Saturday, 17 March 2007
06:25:15 PM (GMT)
I have been attacked by animals all over alberta, I was attacked by a wolf after I
was done a hunt with my cousin: He shot it, I was attacked by a bear when I was out
paint balling with my friends over night: I ended up stabbing it right in the heart,
But the WORST!! Let me say that again WORST!!!!!!! Ever is the cat I was walking to
my friends house when I was seven and I saw a cat in the garbage can now at that time
I thought it was dead of coarse It wasn't It jumped out and scratched my face
OUCH!!!!! then I had to get it off somehow and I threw it into the haunted house on
my street's garden (the grass is still tall I just went to that excact friends house
yesterday and the grass was up to my chest and I am 6 foot 5!!) (I believed that
there was really a haunted house till I was 9!!.) But it wasn't ever seen again. Then
when I was still standing there waiting with blood dripping off my chin I walked into
the grass! I couldn't hear a meow or a sound so then I walked back but the grass was
taller then me when I was 7 so I got lost. I looked for a way out but it was to tall.
so I kept walking and walking until I found a trail of blood I thought It was mine
since I had been bleeding all the way but it wasn't when I finally had gotten to the
end I found the head of the cat I had thrown In I god damb screamed like any normal 7
year old would do. and after I found out no one was coming I looked up I saw a roof I
was in the house I was pretty stupid to think I was in the grass still so I looked
for a door there was none so I ran like crazy every were and then I finally found a
door I opened it and found a skeleton. I went on running and screaming again and as I
found more spukky stuff I finally went to the attic and found a lab and a window! I
almost was gonna kill my self all together by jumping out the window. But I was smart
enough to grab the rope I had found in the pantry and climb down before I knew it the
rope had led to the back yard of my friends place I had been taken to the hospital to
be healed.... for a week............ which sucked...................... more then you

lambkins says:   17 March 2007   867489  
wow 0.o interesting.
Flying_Dragon158 says:   18 March 2007   615588  
I know!
Flying_Dragon158 says:   18 March 2007   978168  
hey can you give me the code so I can e-mail you??
CoolGirl2 says:   3 June 2007   615399  
that is not true!!! i stopped believing at the cat head part and the
skeleton part!!!!!!
Flying_Dragon158 says:   3 June 2007   817524  
Of cparse you did cause you fucking suck!
Sammie says :   6 December 2008   433552  
oh my god! your gonnakillyourself!


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