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Friday, 19 January 2007
12:30:41 PM (GMT)
Jaz was an ordinary girl, she was absent minded like most teenagers, but she never
realised she would end up being the most powerful witch on Earth!
"Ok people, time for school." The bus driver grumbled. Many 8th graders started to
moan, Jaz joined in. 
"Hey, Jaz, you coming over tonight, yeah?" Millie asked.
"'Corse!" Jaz always give sweet short replys. She stood in the school yard surrounded
by many other 8th graders, most of them was her best friends; Libby, Millie, Sie and
Anna. Rest was everyone in her class.
The bell rung. Jaz got on the bus and sat next to Libby, Anna sat with Millie and Sie
sat with her boyfriend Troy.
"Last stop." The bus driver looked in the mirror and Jaz looked round.
"There's only me here."
"I know, here we are Grosta Grove." But as jaz got up and spark flew from her middle
finger and the seat went up in flames, as Jaz was swatting about apologising the bust
driver just laughed. "'Bout stinkin time too!"
"Sorry, but what?"
"Jaz, you're very specail now, we're going to Bradly Spell Academy."-

"Whoa!"  Jaz exclaimed as she got out.
"Jaz!" yelled Riley her elder sister. Stood behind her was Lea, the eldest and
Catrina the youngest.
"What the-" Was all that Jaz could say. Stood behind her was her parents, Mr and Mrs
Hepplewood. The two most famous wizard and witch in history, and the owner of Bradley
"I hope you enjoy your stay her Jasmine." Her mum said.
"Susan, leave her be." Her dad said.
"Alright Ashton!" Susan replied, she and Ashton truned their backs on their four kids
and went round the area.
"This is impossible." Jaz gasped as Riley was pointing a few things out.

"All right class settle down!" The teacher yelled.
A blonde girl sat behind Jaz, shrugged and gave her a small smile. Jaz turned round.
"Hi, i'm Jaz Hepplewood."
"Hi, i'm Muffy Grostano."
"Heya, Muffy, that's an unusual name."
"So's Jaz!"
"Ah ok."
"Class, i'm Mrs February, do not laugh Eidan!" She snapped at a boy, he turned round
and gave a cheeky grin, he caught my eye for a second and turned forward. "Ah, lets
start by getting to know each other, um...." She searched round the room for a pupil.
"You." She pointed to me.
I stood up and went to the front.
"Start by telling us your full name."
"Do i have to mine's a little embarrassing."
"Ok... I'm Jasmine Florida Opal Carmine Susan Hepplewood." Eidan started laughing.
Jaz shot him such evils. "Think your funny?" She asked.
"Yeah, well your name is anyway."
"Oh really?"
"And are you the Eidan George Felix Burns my dad keeps moaning about?"
He started blushing. 
"I can sing."
"Wait, you sing?" Eidan inturrpeted.
"Yes i do. I'm in quior."
"Go on sing then."
Jaz opened her mouth, and such a beautiful voice came out,it was like heaven. "I own
you!" She yelled in his face.
"Well, thank you Jasmine. Oh um Muffy!"
Muffy went to the front, and " I'm Muffy Star Grostano." No one laughed apart from
the obvious.
Jaz walked to her locker, and the cutest boy moved in next to her.
"Hi i'm Tobi."

‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   19 January 2007   627348  
thats great! but you spelled choir wrong.
Belsboys4eva56 says:   20 January 2007   642523  
yh well it was about midnight and i was pretty tired tho.
Bwunny says :   24 April 2007   272718  


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