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Saturday, 6 January 2007
06:35:15 PM (GMT)
The night was dark and lonley. No stars hung in the sky and it was to late to do
anything. Catie checked her cellphone. No one had called. It was 2:43AM and she
hadn't slept a wink. She could not live like this. She only had 5 best friends
thatmade plans with her every friday. And every friday, they went ice skating. It had
been a normal routine for 15 weeks. Catie was really good at ice skating and had a
pond in her backyard that she ice skated in. She walked from her bed to the couch
facing her window cill. She opened the window and the wind blew her blond hair from
her face and her baby blue eyes turned navy. She had been prepared for this day for a
long while. She was going to run away with Byron, Sarah, Emma, and Bryan, and Matt.
The 16 year olds were ready for it. They all had part time jobs , so they all got
paid, and they had enough money for their food and cellphones and electricity. They
had saved up their money since they were 10years old. She got her sleeping bag from
her closet, stuffed her $700 into her backpack that was stuffed with portable foods,
her laptop, and 7 bottles of water. It was a huge backpack. Her cellphone started to
vibrate. It was Byron. "Hey...ya, I just need to get my clothes...meet
where?...oh...ok...What?...ok, is the apartment ready for us?...Great!...um...love
you too...bye." She and Byron loved eachother, but they couldnt be boyfriend
girlfriend because their friends would kick them out of their new apartment that
Emma, a very rich girl from a rich family, had bought. She stuffed her clothes (all
of them) into four bags but still had enough streanth to get to her tree house she
had made in the woods, when she was 9. Her friends had helped her make it too, so
they decided to meet there with Byrons car. Byron was 2 years older that everyone, so
he was 18. She started making her way out the door. The outside lights turned on.
Busted. She saw 3 lights go on. She quickly made 4 deer prints in the dirt and ran
away into the darkness. Her hair blew into her face. Her eyes could just barley make
out a figure that looked like Sarah. She was there. As she ran closer, she saw Bryan
, Matt, and Emma. Byron was putting tons of bags into his trunk of his car. "Yes,
your here!" said Emma. "we were all looking for you." said Bryan. Matt just smiled
suspiciously.  Catie looked behind him. He had confetti spray in his hands. Catie
laughed hard because it got all over his butt.Byron looked over at her hands. "Great!
More bags to put in the trunk! THAAAAAAAAAAAAANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS." Catie just
smiled and he returned it with a chuckle involved. " Anyone miss home?" she asked.
"You mean our parents' houses? Those are sooooo not our homes. Well next stop, the
apartment de 6! Get in the car, people!" Byron screeched. Everyone piled into the
car. Catie got the closest seat to Byon as she could, and when no one was looking, he
kissed her lightly on her cheek. "Next stop, the apartment!" said Matt.

                          To be continued...

khadijah1234 says:   6 January 2007   986432  
that was tiring!
khadijah1234 says:   6 January 2007   162887  
but good!
Ice4theSoul says :   7 January 2007   219614  


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