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Judging is like murderingCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 3 January 2007
12:29:58 PM (GMT)
As you read this youll think shes crazy but im not! Judging is labelling someone by
their appearence, or race, or whatever, its like putting a big sign on them that says
"this person has been judged an they are not perfect" or "this person is too
perfect". Im not perfect, and yes I have judged people, but that doesnt make it
right. We all make mistakes, that we regret, but we must learn from our mistakes, and
come together like a family, that is how Jesus taught with love, that is how he
lived.... so why cant we live together with love for each other and hope for the

Jayne sings:   3 January 2007   815662  
You are SO right girl!!!
Eye_Roller says:   5 January 2007   657895  
chaco_macaco says:   26 January 2007   227742  
I dissagree... i think that judging is very necissary. If you see a
guy with a knife comming towards you, you judge him by saying hes not
a good guy, and hes probably going to kill me. then you go even
further by acting on you judgement of this person and running for you
life. And supposably when you die, you go up to heaven where you are
"Judged by god". seriously, if god does it, it must be alright.
Emo_Teen_mum says:   27 January 2007   421893  
that is not true chaco macaco
god isnt always rite, think about all the terrorists and manmade
disasters out there- why didnt god stop them#
ppl judg me all the time and it is wrong to, they think ' oh shes
pregnant and has 1 kid already and is bi and emo' and judg me as a
slut but my first kid was almost rape and my 2nd 1 is wot i chose so
Eye_Roller is rite
Eye_Roller says:   29 January 2007   566223  
thanks emo teen mum =) you rock 
and hey chaco macao, let's turn that situation around, what if you saw
that guy with the knife, and you ran, but what if he was a cop, or
something? you can't just assume that he'll "kill you"
callie_89 says :   19 March 2007   349796  
everybody at my new schhol judges.. i hate it. ppl at my old school
were so much nicer, and nobody ever got judged. there was hardly even
a popular crowd and a geek crowd there either. i loved it. but i might
get a transfer bus and go back cuz its only across town


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