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Wednesday, 22 November 2006
07:30:29 PM (GMT)

Alright, this is no sappy love story and don't count on any happy endings.This not
exactly what u call a comedy either..
Its Life.

I woke up to my alrm. I glanced at the time, *sigh* as usual 6:00 a.m.

I didn't waste a minute to hesitate, After all its the 1st day of high school and im
not going to screw it up.

When i was walking out of the house my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said, grogily.
"Hey Jason!" Houston said in his "cheery" voice.
"Why are you so cheeky today?" I asked sarcasticly.
"...Umm..Well..." He struggled out.
"Dude..what happened?" I asked a bit accusingly.
"Screwed up, and it wouldn't be the first time." He sighed out.
"How..Girl Troubles..Or?" I asked, waking up a bit more.
"Tell you at school,By the way 'sup Jase?" he asked suddenly happier.
"Nuthin,I got to go though.." I said unlocking my car.
"why?" he asked, sounding quite baffled.
"Umm...Gotta Drive...?" I said hanging up.

  Whoops! I almost forgot! I'm Jason Ike, I have short wild spiked hair, Dark Blue
Eyes, Dark Summer Tan, and a Torqois stud on my left ear. Houston has medium blond
hair with ringlets on the bottom tips.

  Once i got to school I met up with Cylon, Houston, & Cole.

  "Hey Jase what took so long? Run into something?" Cylon challenged me with a smirk
on his face.
  "Actually no, There was a blue lightening storm." I challenged right back with a
smirk on my face.
"Oops, I guess that was my bad." he said with a small chuckle.

  Cylon has powers over lightening that comes out BLUE, Houston can like make himself
in armor and do this odd bat noise, Cole has power over light & the sun and I have
power over Earth, So i can like control plants and a few animals.

  When i was putting so called "junk" in my locker, I glanced at the 2 on either side
of me. On the right the little tag said Amber Flame and on the left the little tag
said Calissa Engle, Im by 2 chicks! I thought to myself with a slight smile.

  After i looked at the lockers i went to check the school's schedule. They were both
in all the same classes except Calissa wasnt in 3 of them. So i headed straight to
class. When i came in 
I still had about 15 minutes, So I sat down and noticed Amber was assigned next to

  When a girl with Short Black hair, Dark blue eyes and Lightly Tanned skin sat
beside me, It left me speechless. She was GORGEUS!! She was wearing a black tanktop
with fire on it w/ some worn out jeans that had holes in the right knee. She had each
of her ears pierced twice, she wore a silver hoop and a orange stud on each ear. Also
a flame circle on each shoulder.

 "Hey im Amber." She said smiling.
"I..I'm..Uhh...Im...Beautiful....Uhh...I...Mean...I'm Jason." i choked out.
"Nervous, Im guessing?" Amber said letting out a soft chuckle.
"Yeah for a minute there i thought i was a babbling idiot." I said laughing.
" I wouldn't think that for a minute." She said a soft flush coming upon her cheeks.
"I would like to know more about you." I said
"Lets talk after school." She suggested.
"Anyway I like your shirt." She gushed.
"You like monkeys?" I said, glancing at my "Dance Monkey!" TShirt
"Yeah they're so adorable, especially the little ones that climb all over you!" She
said, smiling. Man i loved her smile already.
"Do you live around here?" I asked.
"Yeah, over by GlenWood, right next to Venus Spring and I don't know who lives on the
other side." she said.
"Im over by Belview." I said.
"Thats like 3 blocks from my place!"she gushed, with that smile again. Man i loved
her smile.
"Ill see you after school."I asked.
"Yeah I'll tell you more about me then." she said.

 After school A auborn haired girl sprinted up to me.
"Can i help you?" i asked raising an eyebrow.
"Oh My Gosh, Where is Amber?" She asked with a very worried look on her face.
"I have no idea." I said.
"You were talking to her though." She drawled out slightly.
"She hardly talks to anyone." She said her expression stone cold.
"Her locker is just beside mine, thats all." I said.
"She must think your hot!" she said her eyes getting wide.
"Why?" I said with a very confused look on my face.
"She only talks to guys she likes, unless someone talks to her." she said not even
bothered a bit.
"I never thought of it like that im not a jock or anything." I struggled out.
"Thats the thing, She likes guys people normally wouldn't like she goes for the
inside of them and then the looks." she said, shrugging.
"wow,Interesting girl. But you know this how?" I asked.
"Oh yeah, Im Calissa Engle, Her best-friend." she said smiling.
"Oh,So your the girl on the left of my locker, Im Jason Ike." I said shaking her cold
"Yeah i bet she does like you."
"What are you talking about?" I asked suddenly finding myself confused again.
"She noticed you right away out of all the guys in this school, she picked you." She
said running towards..COLE!!!!

  "Hey Jason," Amber said sneaking up behind me.
"Hey Amber, I was wondering can I.... Then, i stopped mid-stride, mid-world,
"Can you what?" Amber asked starting to look worried.
"Can i walk ya home? Im willing to walk the 3 blocks to my house after." I asked
looking at the ground.
"Sure and lets take the long way." She said.
"I wanna tell you something Amber and i trust you not to tell anyone." I said after
getting a waze off.
"Well i trust you with anything." she said.
"Alright now your past?" I asked smiling.
"Alright, When i was 12 years old I went to my favorite hill with my 2 year old
sister Kaylie. When there was an oil spil. Kaylie got stuck inside a half of the oil
tower." She said, sounding like something was gonna happen, something bad.
"keep Going." i urged her on.
"I managed to get Kaylie out with alot of cuts that the oil got in." She struggled,
and stopped short.
"What..?" I asked concerned for both her and Kaylie, even though i just heard about
"She didn't make it and i ended up with power,power over fire." she said, Looking as
if she was about to cry.
"Hey its ok i know how it is to lose someone that means the world to you." I said,
patting her shoulder gently.
"Tell me,about who you lost then." She struggled out.
"Alright on my 12th birthday my mother died in her sleep beacause of a couple
burglars, who had this strande plant that coiled around my wrists when i was playing
football and the sharp thorns left these deeeeeep wrist cuts and gave me power over
plants and some animals." i said showing her my scarred wrists.
"Woah, I feel bad for you." she said, surprising me with a hug.
"How close were you to your sister Amber? I asked breaking the hug, slowly, but
"She was the closest thing i ever had to me." she said with tears welling up in her
"My mom was my only family member."I said.
"I miss her so much, i would do anything to have her back here." she said slowly
crying,tears hitting her soft cheeks.
"Even after 2 years u still care?" I asked.
"I never forget stuff like that, NEVER." she choked out, still softly,soundlessly
"Look, Im sorry for you, really." i said pulling her into our very first kiss

Alright thats the end of Ch. 1 tell me how u like it

Hey All Tell me How You Like And And If I Should Write A Chapter 2

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