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why am i a sucker for theseCategory: (general)
Sunday, 11 February 2018
08:20:58 AM (GMT)
part 1: the basics

⇸ name: atlas

⇸ pronouns: they/them

⇸ gender identity: [screams]

⇸ sexual orientation: honestly who knows

⇸ romantic orientation: aro

⇸ year of school/college: first year of college

part 2: appearance

⇸ height: 5'5" ish

⇸ weight: too underweight

⇸ hair colour: everyone thinks it's black but it's dark brown

⇸ eye colour: the ugliest shade of dark green-grey you could ever imagine

part 3: personality

⇸ mbti type: infj

⇸ Empathy quotient: 66/80, apparently this is surprising to people because there's
some weird stigma that all autistic people are completely incapable of empathy lmao

⇸ lover or fighter?: neither??

⇸ violent?: not to others nah

⇸ introvert or extrovert: introvert

⇸ narcissism quotient: 2

part 4: this or that

⇸ dogs or cats: dogs but i do love cats too

⇸ coke or pepsi: coke

⇸ iphone or android: iphone

⇸ sweet or savoury: idk

⇸ phone call or text: not that i ever get either but text

⇸ skype or discord: skype purely because i've never used discord

⇸ instagram or snapchat: snapchat

⇸ ice cream or frozen yogurt: ice cream

⇸ bath or shower: bath

⇸ converse or vans: converse

⇸ small groups or big parties: usually small groups

⇸ mcdonalds or wendys: mcdonalds, wendys doesn't exist here

⇸ burgers or chicken nuggets: chicken nuggets

⇸ coffee or tea: both are gross

⇸ art or science: art

⇸ friends or family: ehhhhhhhhhhhh i'd pick friends if i had any

⇸ optimist or pessimist: in my head i'm really an optimist but the way i talk and
joke about things makes me sound like a total pessimist

⇸ milkshakes or smoothies: neither

⇸ casual or fancy: casual

⇸ candy or pastries: candy

⇸ youtube or netflix: both

⇸ fashion or function: uhhhhh

⇸ beanies or baseball caps: i don't wear hats but i'd pick beanies ig

⇸ movie theatres or drive ins: theatres, never got to experience a drive-in

⇸ book smart or street smart: ehhhhhhhhhhhh. i'm book smart and it's not that

part 5: favourites

⇸ colour: slightly lighter than medium blue, corn yellow, blood red, grey, black,

⇸ animal: wolves, pandas, and pretty much all of the dog and big cat families

⇸ food: chocolate

⇸ belonging: my phone i guess

⇸ piece of clothing: pretty much all my hoodies tbh, my amity affliction shirt, my
twenty one pilots nasa shirt oh my god i sound like a 14 year old scene kid

⇸ tv show: friends

⇸ movie: shit i have too many idk

⇸ book: mmmm the harry potter books and the perks of being a wallflower

⇸ drink: water tbh

⇸ school subject: idk business and biology were my two favourites in school but i
don't like any of my college modules enough to have a favourite, maybe

⇸ restaurant: i don't go to enough restaurants to have one

⇸ fast food place: kfc

⇸ band: my answer to this is way too long

⇸ song: the irish cover of imagine dragons' believer

⇸ album: prooooobably twenty one pilots' vessel

⇸ season: autumn

⇸ emoji: the old version of the milky way one

part 6: random questions

⇸ are you religious?
⇸ are you a forgiving person?

⇸ if you haven't gone to college yet, do you plan to go?
never wanted to go, in it now, still don't want to go 

⇸ if you could marry any of your mutuals, who would you marry and why?

⇸ what do you want to contribute to the world?
the suicide statistic i GUESS

⇸ what do you see for yourself in the future?
i've literally never seen any future for myself sorry

⇸ what is your relationship with your family like?
it changes

⇸ what is your relationship with your friends like?

⇸ who do you trust most in the world?

⇸ what do you enjoy doing the most?
sleeping even though it barely happens

⇸ do you play an instrument?

⇸ do you play any sports?

⇸ what kind of music do you listen to?
post-hardcore, pop-punk, rock, kpop, melodic hardcore, some western pop, idk nearly

⇸ are you an affectionate person?

⇸ do you consider yourself a good student (if you're in school)?
always have, yeah

⇸ are you vegetarian/vegan?

⇸ if you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
in a big city somewhere or on an empty beach at night

⇸ what's the kindest thing anyone's ever said to you?
idk anymore

⇸ when was the last time you said "i love you" to someone (platonic or romantic)?
.............park jimin tweeting selfies

⇸ when was the last time someone said it back?

⇸ do you like halloween?
yes but i never get to do anything for it ):

⇸ are you afraid of spiders?
not really

⇸ do you dye your hair? 

⇸ if you answered yes to the last question, what colour is your favourite colour to
dye your hair?

⇸ do you like making crafts? 
yeah but i'm usually too lazy or tired so

⇸ do you believe in aliens?
yeah, i just don't think they're that curious about earth lol

⇸ ghosts?

⇸ Cryptids?

⇸ angels/demons?

⇸ magic?
not really

⇸ do you have siblings?
two sisters

⇸ if so, are they younger or older? describe them a bit!
both are older, one lives with her fiancé (getting married this year finally) and
dog, has a masters degree in computer science from the most prestigious college in
the country, is some sort of software engineer for a small company that makes
animated story/education apps for young children, is badass and i've always idolised
her tbh. the other lives at home with me and our parents, thinks she understands the
entire universe better than anyone who has more experience than her even though all
she does is drink tea and watch netflix on my parents' tv when they want to use it,
and is a childish, stuck-up asshole but most other people think her snarkiness and
selfishness is funny

⇸ do you like physical affection (platonic or romantic)?
yes and it never happens so eh

⇸ do you like verbal affection (platonic or romantic)?

⇸ what is one thing that you want to tell your friends but have trouble saying?
i'd have trouble saying it here too tbh. guess i don't have friends for a reason

⇸ if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
no idea

⇸ what is your biggest insecurity?
everything tbh

⇸ what is your favourite part about yourself (physical)?

⇸ what is your favourite part about yourself (personality)?
i know i'm kind, emphatic, and generous, even if it doesn't feel like a big deal to
me at all

⇸ what is your hidden talent?

⇸ what is your passion? 
i actually don't have any isn't that fun

⇸ do you act the same way you think? (basically, do you act like your real self in
kind of??

⇸ what is your biggest fear? 
being unwanted/forgotten and losing loved ones

⇸ do you speak your mind when you have a problem with someone? 

⇸ do you have plans for the future? 
omg no

⇸ if you're not married, do you want to get married? 

⇸ if you don't already have kids, do you want kids?

⇸ do you like roller coasters?
never been on one

⇸ have you ever been on a plane? if so, where was the last place you went on a
a few times, last time was london with my sisters in april 2017

⇸ have you ever taken a road trip? 

⇸ are you afraid of death? 
yes, ironically

⇸ do you recycle? 

⇸ what's your ideal career?
genuinely don't have one

⇸ are you happy? 
can't remember what that feels like

⇸ are you confident? 
not in myself or anything i do no

⇸ do you act like yourself around other people or do you hide it? 
yes and no

⇸ what's the weirdest thing you've ever done to impress someone? 

⇸  what's your most awkward moment? 
too many

⇸  what's your happiest memory?
probably meeting tyler joseph on my birthday

part 7: have you ever's
put a // next to things you've done
⇸  gotten drunk?
⇸  gotten high?
⇸  smoked cigarettes?
⇸  smoked weed?
⇸  did any other kind of drug?
⇸  gotten all a's? //
⇸  cried in public? //
⇸  questioned your sexuality? //
⇸  questioned your gender identity? //
⇸  been out of the country? //
⇸  fallen in love?
⇸  with a best friend? 
⇸  fallen out of love?
⇸  been rejected? //
⇸  had a one night stand? 
⇸  ate a bug (not by accident)? 
⇸  ate something disgusting? 
⇸  liked that disgusting thing? 
⇸  went hiking? 
⇸  played a sport?
⇸  gone to the hospital? //
⇸  had surgery? //
⇸  broken a bone?
⇸  stolen something? 
⇸  hated someone? // 
⇸  lied to a friend? //
⇸  hugged a stranger?
⇸  hurt someone? // (not intentionally)
⇸  won something? //
⇸  came out as lgbt? // (to "friends" only)
⇸  cussed someone out? //
⇸  gotten in a fistfight?

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