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Monday, 19 October 2015
02:16:22 AM (GMT)
Hey everyone! I used to go on this website a lot when I was younger (:

I am currently doing an assignment on sex offender registrations, and I thought I’d
throw some info out there in case any of you experience this behaviour. I saw this a
lot, when I used to go on here, so I thought info could be useful. 
This isn’t my assignment (because that would bore you all), I just found relevant
stuff from official websites.

I recognised a lot of these behaviours from communications with people when I was 14
to 15 years old; a minor and incapable of fully understanding manipulation. 
I wasn’t victimised, but this stuff does commonly happen.

There are basically two types of pedophiles on the Internet—those who seek
face-to-face meetings with children and those who are content to anonymously collect
and trade child pornography images.

Predators will:
• Prey on teen’s desire for romance, adventure, and sexual information
• Develop trust and secrecy: manipulate child by listening to and sympathizing with
child’s problems and insecurities
• Affirm feelings and choices of child
• Exploit natural sexual curiosities of child
• Ease inhibitions by gradually introducing sex into conversations or exposing them
to pornography
• Flatter and compliment the child excessively
• Develop an online relationship that is romantic, controlling, and upon which the
child becomes dependent

Online predators are skilled in playing back emotionally what they see in the child.
This "mirroring" creates an illusion of camaraderie designed to break down the
barriers of "stranger danger." For example, if a child is lonely, the predator
mirrors that emotion and tries to fill the void by telling the child that he
understands how it feels to be lonely and that he would like to be his/her friend.
Predators mimic the child’s emotional language and play back the emotions they see
in attempt to diminish his or her inhibitions.

The pedophile cultivates a friendly online relationship. It could continue for days
or weeks before the pedophile begins bringing up sexual topics, asking for explicit
pictures or for a personal meeting. By that time an emotional connection has been
made—and pedophiles can be master manipulators. Even if an actual meeting never
takes place, it is important to note that youngsters can be victimized by such
sexually explicit online contact.

Please be safe on the internet.

crazyhot says:   20 October 2015   203598  
I have some pics on this site  when I did an assiment like this
message me for info
monkeyroar says:   23 October 2015   789008  
Yes am predator hide your children and lock up your Chasity belts.
LOL yeah there are a lot of bad people out there. Just have to
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   24 October 2015   469620  
stfu bye 
monkeyroar says:   28 October 2015   880483  
haha just messing with you. Get a grip... ROFL 
witchie says :   2 November 2015   548365  
I am so happy this is here. Thank you so much for posting
this. Be safe everyone. c:

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