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Monday, 30 March 2015
04:36:10 AM (GMT)
WARNING: This is my work and plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you are found plagiarizing my work, I will be forced to take legal action. Unfortunately, all characters are fantasy even if we hope and pray otherwise. Start. “Kids! We’re leaving!” With that, the door slammed and echoed throughout the two story house for a few seconds. Shortly after, a car engine started and wheels zoomed down the street until nothing was heard. It was like their parents wanted desperately to get away from the home and their children. Friday nights were special to their parents, but Josh and Emily always figured they just rented a hotel room to have dull, married sex. Friday nights were Emily’s favorite nights regardless. Not only did she get to sneak out to parties or do whatever the hell she wanted, but she was left alone with her handsome older brother. Their parents went out every weekend like clockwork and always came home around midnight. This would give Emily plenty of time to do exactly as she had schemed the week before. Emily stood 5’4’’ and around 5’10” in her best pair of heels. She loved getting dolled up, sneaking into clubs and taking home the first attractive guy she saw for the evening. She couldn’t even remember how many times she had gone prowling for man meat and she didn’t care. However, tonight was different. Emily slid on her black boyshort panties past her thighs and hips, slipping a black tube top over her head and breasts. She had curves to die for, hazel eyes and luscious long auburn hair that flowed around her C cup breasts. Her tits practically hung out of her top, but what did she care? She was in her own home and these were the babies that were going to get her next lay. “Josh~” Emily purred her step-brother’s name from her lips walking out of her room and skipping towards her older brother’s across the hall. He was a slender guy, shaggy brown hair and bright crystal blue eyes. A girl’s absolute dream. At least, he was Emily’s dream. They hadn’t grown up together their whole lives which made it less awkward, but their parents married during their early teens. What was the harm in lusting after her steamy step-brother? None, at least not for Emily. Josh sat at his computer, closing out of his browser as soon as Emily barged in. He turned his head towards his door giving his step-sister a puzzled look. She should be out by now. Josh had his own pleasurable ritual involving his own taboo interests. He wasn’t a slut like Emily, but he sure could be for the right person. He cleared his throat and adjusted his loose shirt to cover up his obvious hard on through his boxers, sneering. “What the hell, Emily? Should you be gone by now?” He managed to get out the words despite his embarrassment. It was only then he noticed how revealing Emily’s clothing was. “Ah, don’t be such a drag. A girl can’t stay home and watch a movie with her brother?” Emily pouted, her plush pink lips she made sure to look extra luscious tonight with her plumping lipgloss. She took a few steps into her brother’s room. Noticing his hard on, her pout turned into a subtle smirk as she turned on her heels, walking around his room. This obviously made Josh uncomfortable. Who knew besides him what disgusting items were hiding around? Josh let a small sigh slip past his lips, not standing for the time being for obvious reasons, “We never watch movies.” He piped up, his crystal blue eyes gazing over his step-sister’s body not helping his erection. She had such a nice ass in those panties. What the hell was she doing walking around in panties anyway? Emily seemed to had notice his starring, automatically bending over to pick up some comics he left on the ground, wiggling her hips from side to side as if she was flipping through them. She was a manipulative whore and she loved it. No one had resisted her prowess in the past and she’d make damn sure she got what she wanted tonight. Averting his eyes, Josh let out a small cough, walking over to his closet to slip on grey basketball shorts. He turned his head towards Emily, hearing her giggling, “Hey, put that down!” He yelled as Emily found his dirty mags under his pile of comics, her giggling replacing the awkward silence that was previously in the room, “Someone likes boobies~” Emily teased Josh, placing the magazine right under her barely covered tits to tempt him. He felt his cheeks warm up as he stormed out of his room and down the stairs. “Put it away and I’ll meet you down for a movie, Emmy.” He yelled up the stairs, not being able to look her in the eye. He felt so stupid for even keeping them lying around in sight. He usually kept them hidden, but seeing as his parents were out and Emily was always gone right after, he let down his guard. He made his way to the kitchen to splash cool water on his face. Images of Emily’s tight little ass in her panties filled his mind. He slapped his cheeks a few times. Pull it together, dude. He thought, walking over towards the living room. He grabbed whatever movie was lying around, not even bothering to check what it was and popped it into the DVD player. Emily grinned at how flustered Josh was already. This could be a piece of cake. She thought, following down after him. She let the porno mag drop out of her hands in the hallway, not caring. She had seen much worse and experienced it, “Great, you have popcorn!” She squealed, her hazel eyes lighting up as she plopped down next to her step- brother. The buttery richness filled the air, picking up a single popcorn. Josh smiled at how easy it seemed to please his step-sister. Maybe she wasn’t so bad after all. Licking her lips, Emily placed the popcorn on her tongue knowing that Josh was watching, eating it slow and sensually. She glanced up at him and gave a smirk, placing a hand on his thigh, “It’s really good popcorn, Joshie.” He rolled his eyes and removed her hand from his thigh, peering at the movie that was playing.. 50 shades of grey? This stupid shit? Since when did his parents… nevermind. “Uh, I can change it real quick if you want.” He assumed that she would want it changed, and began to stand before getting pulled back down again. “No, no. I haven’t see this yet.” Emily lied, leaning up against her step-brother. She had seen this movie a few times with her friends. She wasn’t crazy about it, but she didn’t hate it. Josh rested his arm on the top of the couch, letting his step-sister cuddle up to him. That’s all it was. Harmless cuddling. He tried to convince himself if Emily was comfortable, he’d be as well. There was no reason to make it weird, right? Even so, doubt filled his mind as the movie continued. It was way too sensual for step-siblings to watch together. Josh felt his eyes gaze over Emily’s curves, biting his bottom lip and even going as far as to cross his legs to try his hardest to keep from being obvious. Emily pressed her breasts up against the side of Josh, gasping a bit from the scenes playing out in the movie, “You’d think they’d just categorize this as porn, right? It’s close enough.” She purred, her dainty hands running across Josh’s abdomen, causing him to let slip out a soft breath. Emily looked up at Josh, her hazel eyes being mischievous as always, “Joshie…” She whispered up towards him, licking her lips as she set the popcorn bowl to the side of them. Josh arched a brow, tilting his head to the side in confusion. Did he forget to get her something? She was the princess of the house after all in their parent’s eyes. Emily cupped Josh’s face quickly, crashing her lips against the male’s as she set herself in his lap, straddling him. This was all happening too quickly for him to process. Josh grabbed onto Emily’s shoulders and pushed her away, bewildered from what he had just experienced, “What the fuck, Emmy?” He questioned her, completely surprised. Emily’s cheeks were light pink, biting her bottom lip shyly. He had never seen her shy before. “We can’t do this. I mean- Mom and Dad, - what the hell were you thinking?” Josh was scared and excited at the same time. He dreamed of things like this, jerked off to this kind of thing, and yet experiencing it was surreal. He finally gave into the urge. He grabbed Emily’s shirt collar and pulled her in aggressively, mashing his lips into hers. Their saliva, mixing together. “Joshie...” Emily moaned between their wet sloppy kisses, “I want you to strip my clothes off and fuck me like no tomorrow.” She begged, panting in need. Josh, obviously turned on by his step-sister’s behavior, slowly ran his hands down her body and hooked his fingers under the hem of her shirt. He lifted her shirt up swiftly and over her head. He continued kissing her as he lined his kisses around her jawline and down her neck, stopping and sucking on her sweet spot. “Oh, Joshie...” he hears Emily moan, “Joshie… quit teasing me.” She whined, pouting and rocking her hips back and forth on her step-brother’s thigh, the wetness coming from her panties beginning to seep onto his basketball shorts. Josh snaked his arms around her, as he continued sucking on her sweet spot. They separated their bodies from each other for a second as Emily quickly stripped her panties off, letting them fall to the ground. Watching her beautiful round tits bounce around, Josh kissed her chest and around her breasts, ending on each pink plush nipple. He began sucking on them for a minute, Emily moaning out his name in pleasure. Josh trailed his kisses up, back to Emily’s soft, plump lips. He laid her down on the couch as he reached down to lower his boxers.. He stripped them off and threw them to the side, reaching into his underwear and whipping out his huge, 8 inch cock. Emily got on all fours on the couch with lustful whimpers, preparing herself for the most wonderful moment of her life. “I’m going to put it in your ass.” Josh growled, his fantasies coming alive. Emily’s eyes widened at his growl and then began to relax with a seductive expression as she licked her lips and bit down on her bottom lip gently. “Okay, Joshie. Be gentle.” She spoke quietly with a lustful voice. She watched him stroke his cock several times after spitting on his hand, using the spit as lube, “You ready for this, slutty sis?” He grinned, letting a few breaths escape his lips from jerking his own cock.. Emily looked at him and winked, spreading her thighs ready for his entrance from behind. Josh positioned his cock at her ass and pushed it in, inch by inch, “Ohh… Joshy, put it all in!” She exclaimed with delight. He was so fucking huge. Turned on by her demand, he shoves his entire cock into her ass. Thrusting back and forth, he grunted slightly at the pleasure of his cock inside his step-sister’s ass. “Fuck yeah.” He moaned out surprised by how tight her slutty asshole was. He thrusted faster and harder inside her as he watched her tits bounce up in down. He cupped her tits in his hand while continuing to buck into her on his knees, “Oh, Emmy, your ass feels so good on my cock.” He moaned out, wrapping his arms around her waist as he fell back, letting his step-sister get a good ride. Emily let out screams of pleasure while his cock was inside her ass and smiled at the feeling of it. “It feels so good…” She moaned, gasping as she was pulled back and turned toward Josh, rubbing her clit and riding his big hard cock. Josh reached up and moved Emmy’s hands away from her cunt, rubbing her clit instead. She clawed at Josh’s abdomen with loud moans, as he bucked his hips to help Emily ride faster and faster. The look on Josh’s face was so priceless to her. She knew he was about to cum in her ass. Emily seductively whispered into his ear, “You’re so sexy. Cum in me, please...” She begged him as she rode him and bucked her hips in sync with his until he let out a big growl, cumming into her tight little asshole. “Hnnng, uggh…” Emily felt hot loads of cum shoot into her ass, her brows furrowing and her nipples hardening from riding out the pleasure wave hitting her body. Josh’s cum was enough to send her off the edge and she loved every second of it. Emily collapsed on top of Josh, nuzzling her face into his neck. She gave a few moans from her pulsing clit and the feel of Josh’s throbbing member inside of her ass resting peacefully. Josh smiled, the pair of step-siblings both breathing hard and fast, panting from what they had just done and made a mess of. A fantasy they had been craving for years had just come true. He peeked over at the movie, noticing it must have finished hours ago. Clearing his throat, Josh began to speak, “Emmy... that was.... the best..” he said, out of breath and panting. “Let’s go clean up before mom and dad get home.” Emily responded, kissing her step-brother’s cheek and giggling, taking his member from her ass and darting off upstairs. Josh rolled his eyes but couldn’t hide his grin, standing up and running after her, growling. Emily squealed in delight as she was chased up the stairs to the shower. One thing crossed each of their minds: Round two. Thanks for reading. Please leave comments below! ~SexualAuthors~

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