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MEURGHCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
10:43:54 PM (GMT)

Name: Mandy
Nicknames: Mandy, Pink Crayon, Hello Kitty, Wench
Birthday: December 3
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Color: Dark brown with blonde highlights
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Best Physical Feature: My eyes.


Color: Blue
Number: 11
Food: Pizza
Car: None
Gemstone: None
Holiday: Halloween
Candy: Peeps
Cereal: Lucky Charms
Scent: Cotton Candy
Actor/Actress: Abigail Breslin
Animal: Dog
Game: Mario Kart
Restaurant: Mugshots
Saying: "Live in the present, because it's a gift."
Store: Target


Been To Another Country? No
Been On Stage? Yes
Been On The TV Or Radio? TV
Been Called A Tease? No
Been Fired? No
Been In A Car Accident? Yes
Been Chased By Cops? No
Been Toilet Papering? Yes 
Been In A Fist Fight? Yes 
Bitten Someone? Yes
Bought A Car? No
Climbed A Tree? No
Considered A Life Of Crime? No
Considered Being A Hooker? No
Cried During A Chick Flick? Yes
Cried Over A Boy? Yes
Cried To Get Out Of Trouble? Yes 
Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh About? Yes
Drove A Golf Cart? No
Given A Lapdance? No
Gone Out In Public In Your PJ's? Yes
Had An Imaginary Friend? No
Had A Dream That Came True? Yes
Had A Serious Injury? No
Kicked Someone In The Nuts? Yes
Killed An Animal By Accident? Yes 
Kissed Someone In The Rain? No
Kissed A Girl? No
Laughed So Hard You Cried? Yes
Licked A 9-Volt Battery? No 

Made A Prank Phone Call? Yes 

Made A Mud Pie? Yes (All the time when I was younger O_O)
Met A Famous Person? Yes (Cody Simpson >-<
Pulled An All-Nighter? Yes
Pushed All The Buttons In An Elevator? No 

Rode A Horse? No
Slept All-Day? Yes
Slept Naked? Yes
Slow-Danced With Someone You Loved? No
Taken A Shower With Someone? Yes (my little sister when she and I were younger O-O)
Wanted To Be A Cop? No
Won A Trophy? Yes


Pepsi or Coke? Coke 
Vodka or Rum? 
Bud or Coors?
Naughty or Nice?  
Hunter or Hunted?
Truth or Dare? Truth
Sweet or Sour? Sour
Rare, Medium or Well-Done? Medium
Gold or Silver? Gold
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset 
Ocean or Swimming Pool? Ocean

Spiderman or Batman? Batman
Better Memory or More Experiences? More experiences.
Breathe Underwater or See In The Dark? See In The Dark
Invisible or Able To Fly? Invisible
Read Minds or Have A Time Machine? Time Machine
Never Be Sick or Never Be Sad? Never be sick

Lights On or Off? 
Snore or Talk In Your Sleep? Both
Black & White or Color Photos? Black and White
Boxers or Briefs? 


Boyfriend/girlfriend's Name: 
Where/When Did You Meet Each Other? 
What Attracted You To Them? 
How Long Did You Know Them?
Who Asked Who Out? 
When/Where Was Your First Kiss? 
Who Said "I Love You" First? In That Relationship? 
How Long Have You Been Together? 
Do You Have A "Song"? 
Have You Ever Broken Up? Yep
If So Why?Cheater
Have You Ever Cried In Front Of Them? 
Can They Make You Laugh?
Can You Two Stand Being Apart?  
Do They Sing For You? 
Could You Marry Them? 
Would You Risk Your Life For Them? 
Would You Fight For Their Love? 
Would You Tell Them All Your Secrets? 



10: Faith
9: David
8: Ashlynn
7: Tina
6: Tico
5: CJ
 4: Grandma
3: Colsten
2: Ashley
1: Lasercorn


9: New clothes
8: My dog
7: Friends
6: Cotton candy
5:  Peeps
4: Adventure Time
3: Food
2: Marshmallows
1: Camping

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