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Salden, just 'cause~Category: OCs
Wednesday, 21 November 2012
06:17:32 PM (GMT)

The silence was unnerving.  The doctor had been sat now for ten minutes holding his
breath as best he could to try and discern whether there were any sounds coming from
his flatmate's room.  He was only ever silent when he slept (and even then, it didn't
touch the recommended eight hours), and the rest of his time he was either talking to
someone or incessantly rambling to himself.  The lack of sound was too much, and
Salem stood, knocking twice on the door,
"Aiden?  Smelly, you okay?"
There was still no answer, and Salem pushed the door open, his expression one of
mixed concern and amusement as his eyes focused through the darkness on the mess of
black hair poking out from the duvet.  He smiled, sitting on the edge and placing a
hand on Aiden's shouder, shaking gently,
"Hey, wake up Aiden... Are you alright?"
A quiet, low groan emitted from under the covers, and the body rolled over to glare
at his friend, "Bugger off..."
"Blimey mate!   You look like death!"  Salem noted the dark circles around Aiden's
usually sharp eyes, and touched the back of his hand to his exceptionally pale
forehead, "Have you taken anything?"
He shook his head slightly, "I gave up, 'member?"
"No, I mean for this.  As in Lemsip or something."
Another shake of the head, "Don't want one..."
"Bloody hell, not this again..."
"Go 'way!"
"Please?  For me?"  Salem looked at the pouting face, realising immediately the one
thing that would cinch the deal, "C'mon.  We can curl up on the settee?  I won't move
Aiden paused, considering this for a moment before nodding and pushing the covers
back with a shiver.  He took Salem's proffered hand and shuffled off the bed,
standing close to his friend as they walked together to the kitchen and the doctor
put the kettle on, pouring the sachet of Lemsip into a mug.

Salem handed the steaming mug to Aiden, leading him over to the settee and sitting
down first so the detective could position himself around him.  When he had finally
settled, Salem put an arm around his shoulders, his aim to make him stop shivering,
"What're we going to do with you...?  You're a state..."
"Throw me in the dustbin.  Except don't actually.  Because it'll be cold and will
Salem chuckled at Aiden's matter-of-fact tone and tapped the side of his mug, "Don't
forget to drink..."  Obediently, Aiden took a sip, followed by several more to get it
over with.
Salem nodded once in approval, switching the television on, "You can't shout at it,
okay?  You'll make your throat worse."
"I need to go to uni... I've got a lecture later..."
"You're not going.   You can catch up from a fri-  someone."
"No, you're sick.  I need to look after you."
Aiden snapped his mouth shut, for once lacking the effort to argue.
"Good.  I thought you told me that you didn't like people coming into your personal
"They're called my Walls.  And they're only allowed in if I let them.  Not if they
just come in."  He hesitated, working out the boundaries of his Walls, "You're
you.... You can come in."
"I'm glad!"
"Yeah...  me too..."  Aiden smiled slightly, nestling his head slightly more into the
crook of Salem's neck, even though it was awkward and his leg was too long for the
settee at this angle.  "Love you..."
"Love you too, Aiden."
Last edited: 22 November 2012

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