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Wednesday, 24 October 2012
01:33:28 PM (GMT)
When he got back he went to the movie theater ally to change back. Making sure no
one was around Solaris changed back to normal." Ok now to meet Sam and the
others."Said Solaris. When he ran around the corner to the theater Mitsuki smashed
into him. She must of seen the sudden shimmer of light when he changed back, she
looked excited and wanted to find out about the light."Hey its you, were all waiting,
did you see what made that light."Said Mitsuki" No i didn't see anything."Solaris
said. He was lying but he couldn't tell her what he was, at least not yet. They both
walked to where Sam and the others were waiting."I found him Sam, he was in the
ally."Mitsuki said waving at everyone. Sam was tapping her foot impatiently,
apparently he had been gone longer then he thought."Its about time, we've been
waiting for almost twenty minutes."Sam said "I'm sorry traffic was hectic."Explained
Solaris. They all said there his and moved into the theater. The movie seemed to last
for hours, as they all ran out to avoid the rush of people, they stopped in an empty

"That was a good movie, a bit low on action but still good."Said Sam licking popcorn
butter from her hand."Yeah i know but it would be cool to have that kind of power
wouldn't it." Abbi said. Abbi and Sam didn't seem to like the movie much, they kept
getting up to get food or go to the bathroom."Well i agree with Sam it lacked in
action."Kayam said. "You always agree with her, but yeah same here." Arthur said
eating a skittle. Solaris had to hurry back to his house to monitor the darkness
around the Earth but he had to make it seem like something else." Guys i have to go
home and check up on something ill see you later."Solaris said walking faster. "Where
do you live i don't think you've ever told us." Said Kayam."He's right, in all the
years we've known you, you've never invited us over before." Mitsuki said looking at
him. They had a point, ever since he became friends with them Solaris always avoided
the questions of "Can we come over.". He just shook his head and said what he always
said." Sorry i told you i cant bring you guys over yet so ill see you later then
bye." Solaris said. They all said bye and waved as he ran back to the ally. They all
looked at each other and decided to follow him.
Last edited: 26 October 2012

‹})i({ look, a butterfly› says:   24 October 2012   143222  
Tip: They all said their his
Should look like this:
They all said their hi's
‹♥☆☺Magical_Neko♥☆☺› says:   24 October 2012   247513  
Um his is right. 
‹♥☆☺Magical_Neko♥☆☺› says:   24 October 2012   312537  
actually she was right, but i think greetings would be better.
‹Phoenix Genesis› says :   25 October 2012   440320  
I know i was editing the story while postting more to it just havnt
gotten around to it yet


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