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Sept. Update :PCategory: high school
Sunday, 16 September 2012
11:43:07 AM (GMT)
Well, hello!

I haven't wrote about my life in forever, because I've been busy.

And I mean busy.

Where, I left off in my life was like four weeks ago.


And in those four weeks, I have done a lot.

Like for example...

- A wedding that was actually okay.
- Made a Cars cake that looked awesome!
- My sister left for college.
- Made a Spiderman cake that looked also awesome! XD
- Been to a football game.

So I've been doing a lot of things, and I'm pretty sure I forgot a few things in

But that's been my normal life.

For my school life...well that's a different story.

I have to go by classes.



This class is so easy! I mean we've had a quiz, I got a 100% on it. And then we had
an open note test, that I missed one on. One! So yeah, this class should be totally
easy for me. I should get an A in this class. Which is good, because I need to get
really good grades this year.

Pre Calc:

I've always hated math. Like seriously, who can think about math at 8 o'clock in the
morning? My point exactly. Let's just say that we've had a quiz, over graphs, which I
got a 100% on. But then we had this test, that I got a D on. The worst part is that I
can't drop this class. This is the last math class I can take, unless I want to take
some college course. So...I'm going to be struggling in this class.
Hopefully, though, when my actually teacher gets back from having a baby then the
class might become better. Why? Because this long term sub sucks. I hate him.


OMG. This class, is like so confusing! I mean, it's hard sitting there taking notes.
I take like a whole page of notes, every single day! That's crazy. But besides that
it's actually okay. I've had a test in that class, and it was super easy. Like half
of the notes I took wasn't even on the test. You know how pissed I was? But yet I was
relieved, because some of that stuff was confusing. Hopefully, this class will be a
lot easier than I look at it as. XD

Design Your Own Fitness Program:

This is my gym. It's actually not that bad. I actually like it. Why? Because, all you
basically do is lift weights. You don't really run all that much. Which is what I
like doing. And what's even better about it, is that I actually have a few friends in
the class. So it's really fun to goof off sometimes. Plus, we have a teacher who
doesn't really pay attention all that well. So yes, I think I might enjoy gym for

Baking and Pastry:

You would think that I would enjoy this class. I don't. I have a terrible group. The
two girls in my group are really hyper and they hate me. And the two guys? They try
to get the two girls to do stuff, but they don't. So then it's just me and the guys
doing all the work. I hate it. I don't even really talk. I just make stuff. When, I'm
walking to that class, I'm always like I totally do not want to go in there. 


I hate English. I really do. But I have a fun teacher, who tries to make it more fun.
Which is cool. I don't really have a lot of friends in that class, but I know some
people that I talk to. And those people are really nice. I also have these two guys
who hate me, but they ignore me and I ignore them. So it's all good. They haven't
really said anything to me, since the first day of school. Which is great. The bad
part in English is that I already had a quiz, and I did not do so well at it. Oh,
well. -_-

Art and Design:

I actually like this class. It's mostly with freshman, which you would probably think
is weird, but the freshman in that class are cool. And they are really funny. Besides
there is also this other junior, and she is soo funny. I basically laugh the whole
time in that class. It's great, and I think it'll be easy class. That's always good
to lift up my GPA.

So yeah, that's basically about my life right now.

I want summer...XD

But also in between all this school work I'm going to have to figure out what I want
to do with my life.

I have no idea what to do.

Like seriously.

I also have to find out about colleges and all that other shit.

It's going to be a long year...

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