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Friday, 14 September 2012
05:11:17 PM (GMT)
If you've read my profile, you'd know that I love role playing. I especially love
making characters. You may message me to role play whenever you want. I'll most
likely use Zachary because I really like him. I mostly do fantasy role plays. All
characters here will be from the same world and will all live in England.

Name: Rin and Ran Nighthawk
Age: 16
Sex: Females
Race: Vampires
Origin: Japan
Orientation: Both girls are straight
Occupation: Rin is the beloved princess and the successor of her father while Ran is
Rin's "knight". She was Rin's butler for a bit but decided to become a soldier
instead because she loved to fight.
History: Rin and Ran were born identical twins. Nobody could tell them apart. Not
even their father. Their mother died during child birth but about 3 years went by and
Rin and Ran's father finally remarried. When they turned 8, everything changed. It
was time for Rin and Ran to be chosen their role in the family. Rin was chosen to
become the new head of the family once their father dies. Ran was angry by this
decision but didn't say anything. She was chosen to become Rin's servant. Not as fun
a job as being a Princess but She loved serving her sister. They grew up rather
close. Nothing could tear them apart. 
Personality: Coming soon.

Name: Zachary
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Race: Demon
Origin: England
Occupation: Bookstore part time and a Softmore at a a Law University.
Orientation: Straight
History: He lived part of his life taking care of his sister. His mother died from a
disease when he was 10 and right after his little sister was born. His father
abandoned them before his little sister Amy was born. He took care of Amy like he
would to a daughter. She was all he had left and he was very overprotective of her.
Because of Amy, he didn't go to college right after he graduated High School. He
couldn't leave Amy home alone all by herself nor could he bring her to college. He
decided to go maybe when she got a little older or something. Amy was very mature for
a 5 year old. She took care of herself rather well while Zachary was at school.
Though, Zach did hire a babysitter just in case. When Amy was about 10 and he was
about 20, they were attacked. Right before, Zach sensed something nearby so he'd had
Amy hide while he went to check it out. Though, Zach was outnumbered massively and
Amy ended up getting murdered. Zachary grieved for 4 almost 5 years and went into a
deep depression. He blamed himself for her death and only wished to bring her back.
He even studied some resurrection spells but a friend from High School told him
multiple times that he couldn't bring her back. 4 years went bye after her death and
he decided to get his life back on track. In High School, he was top of his class so
it wouldn't be too difficult to get into a good college. He's always wanted to be a
lawyer so he easily got into the top school in England. He was still really upset
about his sister's death but being as he was always studying, doing homework, and
working he didn't have time to think about it. He was really busy. He tried to get
his mind off of his sister's death so he spent very little time at home as possible
because practically everything in the house reminded him of his sister. Sometimes,
he'd go days without going home.
Personality: Zachary is very intelligent and works very hard. He never talks about
his sister and he's usually found either hanging out at the bookstore or his college.
He is very depressed but hides it as much as he can. His old personality has almost
been replaced by his new personality. He used to be very happy, energetic, and
caring. Everybody loved him. His smile lit up any room. Now a days he only focuses on
school and work. People have learned not to mention his sister in his presence. He
doesn't even speak of her. He is very lonely and has pushed away any girl that even
dared to get close to him. People tried to befriend him but he said he didn't have
time for friends. He has a 4.0 GPA right now at his school and he's planning on
keeping it that way.

Name: Erik
Age: 21
sex: Male
Race: Vampire
Origin: Germany
Occupation: Prince
Orientation: Straight
History: Erik was born in Germany but by his 10 birthday, he moved to England. He
lived with his parents in their palace and was absolutely in love with Princess Rin.
Though despite begging his parents to let them arrange his and Rin's marriage they
refused to. Despite this, he still chased after her. Rin looked down upon him and
found him pathetic. Ran, on the other hand, hated him but it was pretty mutual
between the two. He is pretty much an evil prince who wants his parents dead.... just
to sum everything up(Very lazy and tired)

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