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Short quick storyCategory: random shiz
Monday, 20 August 2012
02:55:53 PM (GMT)
this is a sex story, don't read if your against it.

Mckenna was sitting on her steps waiting for her fiancee to come home. She was
twirling her finger around a strand of her medium length blonde hair, blowing bubbles
with the piece of Key Lime Pie gum she had. It was 6, and she saw her fiancees car
driving down the road, she stayed sitting, she didn't want to make it seem like she
was to eager to see him. He got out of the car and walked over to her and kissed her
deeply and passionately, slowly making it more sensual as his hands ran down under
her pajama shorts and rubbed her clit carefully, paying attention to her breath and
when her legs would open and close.  He stopped kissing her to look into hers eyes
and ask her, "Do you want to see how far we can go right here?" She was slightly
shocked, because he almost never wanted to do anything in the open with her,
especially in an area like this. She didn't say anything, she just closed her eyes,
because she didn't want to say yes and seem like she really wanted to do it outside,
or say no and reject him, so she closed her eyes and laid her head back, in her
usually I don't care manner.
He flicked his finger across her clit and nibbled on her earlobe making her giggle
and moan at the same time. He went up and kissed her forehead, then her nose, then
kissed her, and inserted his finger into her wet pussy, he slowly let his finger go
in a circular motion inside of her then bent it and massaged the G-spot until she was
panting. He removed his finger, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't not
make it looked like she cared, he pushed her backwards so she was kinda laying down
on the steps. He moved her pajama shorts and tight little girl panties and gently
kissed her nether lips, again making her giggle like a little girl. He went up on his
knees and rubbed his rock hard cock along the opening of her cunt so he could
lubricate his dick, so he could fit it in his tiny girls pussy and not hurt her. As
the head slid between her lips and barely into her pussy she moaned.
He pushed it in further, his head squeezing barely all the way through her extremely
tight pussy, making her moan extremely loudly and making him moan from the pressure
being applied. He moved slowly pushing it in further each time, but she made it so
hard squirming away from him, so he grabbed her hips and pulled her back against his
dick pushing him in as far as her pussy would let him, and then still holding onto
her hips he started thrusting into her gently at first, making her moan over and over
again. He started thrusting slightly harder, and with each thrust she yelped and
arched her back a little more, so he lightened up, but went faster, and tried to stay
towards the entrance as to not hurt her. He could feel her already confining walls
tightening around his head. He pulled out as he started to cum, and it went
everywhere, all over her pussy lips and clit her cute tinker bell underwear, angry
birds pajama shorts, her plain black tee shirt, it even shot all the way up on her
face. She just left it there as he picked her up and carried his pretty little
violated princess back into their house.

the_bunnies_pet says:   20 August 2012   135369  
sounds like something I would do :P
bunnyboorants says :   20 August 2012   176711  
... It does sound like something you would do 

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