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Star Fox 64 3DCategory: OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
Saturday, 26 May 2012
11:06:47 AM (GMT)
I've rented the game and played the original for years, so I just want to get my
thoughts out. Don't mind me otherwise unless you're interested in either game.

Overall, it's a pretty faithful rendition of the original game. 
The graphics are, of course, improved, and the music is remade well.
The voice acting in the remake are a bit hokey though. If you've played Corneria a
whole lot like I did when I was little, you'll remember how a lot of the voice acting
goes. It sounds fairly natural and real. In the remake, it sounds like they're trying
to play the characters, when in the original, they ARE the characters. 
On the terms of the 3D, the game really offers itself to the third dimension. Seeing
bogeys and fire blasts fly past your ship, it really seems sometimes like they could
hit you in the face. At one part on Solar, I felt I would hit a lava wall in the
nose. And actually, you get a sense of depth in space too. The opening really show
The controls now have more freedom too. You can change between a few control options.
Either have the up-down-reversed flying controls or just up is up and down is down.
The arwing is also a bit easier to control. Corners that I found hard to pull off on
the N64 I'm suddenly overshooting on the 3DS. There's also the gyro and controlling
the ship by moving the 3DS. Kind of like the Mario Kart wheel on the Wii. Only
problem with this is that it's a little bit sensitive and if you're using the 3D, you
can't move the DS without shifting the 3D out of your view, making you feel
With that though, a lot of the challange is lost. Whether that's a good thing or a
bad thing depends on how you like your games. For the first time, I've been able to
beat this game. Twice. Both the bad and good ending. Before school started. For a
gamer like me, the game is a lot easier than before. Going back to compare
difficulties, the N64 version is definitely more difficult. So, if you want the
challange, go to the N64 version. If you want to complete the game easier, go for the
3DS version. 
Other little quirks in the N64 are missing from the 3DS. For example, on the title
screen, you used to be able to move the 64 in the title around the screen and have
the Star Fox cast follow it. It was a little amusing for a kid like me. Sadly, the
title screen is different in the remake, so you can't do that. I was a little sad at

Overall, it's a very good rendition, but if you find it too easy, go for the N64

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