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For John.Category: OCs
Sunday, 20 May 2012
02:01:06 PM (GMT)
The main story:
Your characters-  Val Dulce, Ellemere Dulce (brother and sister), Salem Whelan (you,
but a guy -.-), Skye Kirrin-Langkilde (Scottish and ginger and epic), Sabriel (Can't
remember her surname.  Ballerina), Robyn (Can't remember his surname either... Chef,
has 2 sisters called Emilie and Lynette, French, very gay with Flynt)
My characters- Kari Longacre (Being fought over by Val and Salem) Aaron Longacre
(Kari's brother and possibly slightly gay ^^, Thomas O'Connell (Irish and lurves
Skye, but won't admit it), Aiden Fairnington (me, but a guy -.-), Flynt Phillips (A
Marine, gay with Robyn).

This is our very first original roleplay.  The one we met with.  And decided our
wierdness was compatible.

It's set in the sort of time period when women were expected to behave and be good
wives and like dancing, etc.
Kari was casually wandering down the street, reading (which got her some odd looks),
and walked straight into Val and fell over, who, being the gentlemanly awesome person
he is, helped her up, and she went all embarrassed and stupid, and pretty much ran
away.  Kari's mother's a douche, and doesn't like her reading, and doesn't like her
much anyway, so she tucks her hair up into a hat, and dresses like a boy, and rides
on a horse into the Dulce's orchard (but she doesn't know) and falls asleep against a
tree while reading fairytales.  One of Val's servants finds her and takes her to him
for trespassing, and he recognises her, but doesn't say anything, and pretty much
gives her a warning.  When she's riding away, her hair falls out of the hat, and Val
realises who she is.
Later, Kari and Aaron go wandering around London and somehow get roped into the
Dulce's ballroom and dinner.  Kari and Aaron dance, and Kari fails epically, falling
over and turning bright red. As you've probably gathered by now, she's very clumsy. 
She goes and sits down, choosing not to dance any more, and Val comes over and asks
her. She tries to say no, but again, fails epically.  They dance, she's all lovey,
Aaron hates Val, Ellemere hates Kari.
From then on, Kari and Val seem to bump into eachother all over the place.  Kari's
mother throws her out and leaves town, so she's pretty much screwed.  Val finds her
singing in a church where she was sleeping and offers for her to come and work in his
library.  But he was wearing a hood, and she didn't know who he was and he made a
fireball so he could see (he's a Valkyrie) and Kari's all 'Woahshit' but goes and
works for the Dulces anyways.  Val shows her the library and she goes all speechless
and cute and later, in the evening, she goes exploring (the bookshelves form a maze)
and gets lost and trips on a book and knocks herself out.  She's missing for
breakfast the next day, and Val goes looking for her and sits with her head on his
lap until she wakes up.  While unconscious, Kari dreams of her dead father who's
calling her and saying she's the next Abhorsen.  Val (he can talk to dead people)
tells her father that he'll look after her and that he can move on properly.  Kari
wakes up, Val's all embarrassed because he's hugging her, they start talking, Kari
kisses him, awkward moment passes, Val's very happy, Kari's very happy, etc.

I'll write the rest another time.  I have to go...



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