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Saturday, 17 March 2012
10:14:18 PM (GMT)
So apparently there was a car crash in Canton, Massachusetts on March 2 and 6
teenagers from Canton High were injured. 4 were released from Norwood hospital on
March 2 but 2, as far as I know, still remain at Boston hospital. 1 of the students I
know. I used be best friends with her until she stabbed me in the back. She's still
in a coma and I believe brain dead. Everyone is happy because she whored around with
everyone's boyfriends and stabbed them all in the back. Basically what I know from
what I read was that a car was driving on the wrong side of the road and their car
smashed into them head on and then the car behind them smashed into them so they were
kind of like the middle of an oreo I guess you could say. What are your thoughts
about this?

‹dyingeveryday› says:   21 March 2012   626346  
ok 1st, they shouldnt have a licence if they dont know how to drive
right. 2. does it matter if people thought she whored around? if ppl
thought she stabbed everyone in the back? no it shouldnt. it doesnt.
her life is on the line. ok? if she for some odd reason didnt make it,
how guilty will u and every1 else feel? and my best friend has a
diffrent boyfriend everyday and is known has a whore but u know what?
i love her to death. know why? cus if u dont know her, her reputation
is of being a whore. but guess what? her reason for that is cus she
and ALOT MORE THEN WE THINK teen girls turn to guys for love. yes its
sad but the pain she is feeling in her life makes her feel the need to
find love from a guy. and as far as the stabbing in the back thing.
yes its wrong but at one point in EVERYONES life you WILL stab someone
in the back. we are human beings we make mistakes. some worse then
others. but to be happy that someone is in an acoma is HORRIBLE. if u
(and im not saying YOU just in gerneral anyone who thinks that) needs
some serious help. to be happy that some one is brain dead? that is
horrible and they need help. smh at horrible people that can think
like that.....
p.s. im sorry if i came off as bitchy i just was bothered by what ppl
thought. and i wasnt accusing or saying anything bad about u just ppl
in general. im sorry tho if this comes off bitchy 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   22 March 2012   324670  
Alexx and I used to be the best of friends. I loved her to death and
would take a bullet for her. I told her some of the stuff that I did.
2 months after she came to the school and I became friends with her I
heard from Ceili who was another friend of mine that Alexx was mad at
me. I confronted Alexx about it and she told me she didn't give a shit
about me and when I told her "Katie was right about you," She was like
"I don't give a fuck about you or Katie." I went to my locker and my
friend Mary knew something was up. I have never cried so hard in
public before. When my parents are out and I'm in my room yeah I will
let everything out but not in public. I was in tears in English class
and every body was questioning me what was wrong. I refused to tell
them. I was sent to the nurse then the guidence counceler. Then I did
something really stupid a few months later. I messaged Alexx on
Facebook flipping out at her and we went back and forth. The messages
were sent to the 'house masters' and they called my mom. I was
grounded for three months. Soon after Alexx started turning all my
friends against me. Ceili was the first to go. She messages me on
facebook all bitchy and saying how Alexx never liked me. After that
she started calling me a whore in the hallways which didn't make sense
cause unlike her I was still a virgin. She was scared to touch me
because she knew Katie would back me up. Ceili would call me a whore
I'd call her a slut. One chick heard me and said "don't call my friend
a slut!!!" Practically everyone had Ceili's side on this. And my
friends who said how much of a bitch Alexx was became friends with
her. Alexx's last target was Katie. She tried talking to her and being
wicked nice. This is why I hate Alexx. It wasn't just one simple back
stab. Me and Katie left our old group of friends and ended up hanging
out with two guys: Damien and Matt. Damien ended up being my boyfriend
all through 9th grade but he broke up with me before our one year
anniversary and I didn't get why cause I was probably gonna be his
cutest girlfriend but now I have a gorgeous emo boyfriend who is even
more fucked up then I am. Finally, after everything I'm finally
getting counceling but thats more for my shitty home life. 
‹dyingeveryday› says:   22 March 2012   512814  
oh my god! im so sorry! i am here if u ever want to talk ok? just
mesage me. omg sweetie iu had no idea what all hapened. im sorry i got
all bitchy before. im so sorry 
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   22 March 2012   726238  
Its alright. I just thought I'd explain the complete story of what
happened. It wasn't a simple stab-in-the-back. I have a legitimate
reason of why I still hate her. 
‹dyingeveryday› says:   22 March 2012   644179  
im sorry. i am here for u...
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   22 March 2012   408329  
Well I'm a bit fucked up but I'm perfectly fine. 
‹dyingeveryday› says:   22 March 2012   324346  
trust me i am fucked up too....
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   22 March 2012   207463  
LOL!!! I have sick ways of manipulating people but I don't use people.
The last thing I want to happen is to become like Alexx. For some
reason, people will like try to get someone to do something and
they'll refuse and then I'll speak up asking them to do it and they'll
do it. I'm really quiet too. 
‹dyingeveryday› says:   22 March 2012   909825  
omg! sound alot like me!! lol,
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says:   22 March 2012   119650  
LOL I know its not cause I have boobs cause I'm flat chested. 
‹dyingeveryday› says:   22 March 2012   566001  
so am i!!
Lucy_Destroys_Humanity says :   23 March 2012   900502  
It makes me sad to be flat chested cause guys like girls with boobs
which is why they prefer my friends over me cause Bree is like a C and
Katie is like a Double D. LOL. And unlike most girls they are all


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