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Saturday, 26 November 2011
06:45:12 PM (GMT)
Name: Jynx and Violette Grimm Age: 17 Gender: Female Species: Dark Angels Personality: Violette: Violette is rather eccentric, and tends to scare people off with her oddball-ish ways. She is very quiet and restrained, only speaking when spoken to, and rarely a full sentence even then. She is only known to let go when around Jynx, where you will find she has a wicked sense of humor and some absentminded tendencies. She is very calm and even minded, which sort of renders her as her sisters keeper. Jynx: Jynx is basically the voice of the two sisters, she says all she wants and enough for Violette too. She shares her sisters sense of dark humor, and is basically rather sadistic in all ways. Unusually, she is also the brains of the pair, planning most of their escapades, which is surprising, considering that she's a complete numpty most of the time. Jynx has a quite severe case of bipolarity, and often needs to be restrained by Violette. Skills: Violette: Violette will surprise you when it comes to physical competition. She can't stand to lose, and will do all in her power(which is quite a lot) to beat you. She is very flexible and good at gymnastics, which makes her vital when executing a well planned crime. She, as a dark angel, can also fly, but she has a terrible fear of heights and won't go above ten feet. Jynx: Jynx, on the other hand, is exceptionally fond of flying. She is wonderfully acrobatic when in the air, and spends most of her free time soaring above the cloud line, making her sister worry down below. She is also quite musical, and can play the piano, violin, and flute well. Her personal favorite is the violin, as it adds a certain Holmes-ish air to her mood, which she loves. Detailed History: Jynx and Violette grew up together in an orphanage, being abandoned at birth. They were singled out by all the other children, and often beaten rather severely by a group of cruel five-year-olds. It gave them both an air of bitterness, which they haven't shed to this day. It was probably only by Jynx's bold glares that they made it out of that place alive. Which they did, by the way. They were both about ten years old, and both fed up with the crappy living standards in the place. So they left. They waited until dark, when all the screaming children were asleep, and they simply left, nothing dramatic about it. What was dramatic was what happened afterward. As they were roaming the forest, quite infatuated with the peace and quiet, when they stumbled upon a small cottage. The windows were lit, and there was a silloughette of a person inside. Being tired and hungry, the girls ran up to the cottage and knocked on the door, putting on their best street rat expressions. The door opened to reveal a small woman, not old, just in her twenties or so, who welcomed them warmly, giving them food and drink, as well as a place to stay the night. So they did, but when morning came they found that they did not want to leave, and it appeared that the woman did not wish so either. So they stayed another night, and another and another, until they found themselves calling her "Mother" and treating the place like their own home. Which it was, in a way. They stayed for seven years with the kind lady, and found themselves terribly content in this little cottage. But something must always come and disturb the peace. One night, as try were all sleeping peacefully, the summer breeze flapping the curtains gently, a shadow enered their house. The kind of shadow that brings death and sorrow, the kind that would take away the kind woman from Jynx and Violette. They woke up the next morning, and getting to make themselves breakfast, found the house disconcertingly silent. Presumig that the woman was still asleep, they went to wake her to find her dead in her bed. A burn shaped like a crucifix was found on her forehead, and at that time the girls knew that this was not an ordinary death. She had been murdered, and the shadow was undoubtedly lurking in their house to kill them as well. So they fled the house, leaving the body where it was. They flew through the forest frantically, and eventually stumbled upon this school. Pic: Jynx on the left, Violette on the right. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Last edited: 26 November 2011

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