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Friday, 9 September 2011
07:51:46 PM (GMT)
tears ran down her face slowly, her hopes had failed her once again. her sense of
love has faded through the darkness, he was williing to die for her and he had done
so. he was her prince chraming her light in darkness. she loved him the only thing on
her mind was him and his to her. that all changed one day that seem so normal, she
left his house around 9pm to get back before curfew. she wallked the normal path
nothing new to get home faster. she heard a few screams down the block she had justed
pasted next thing she new a car came turning fast around the conner  the people in
the car saw her and stop about a couple feet in front of her. she was a smart girl,
she tried to make the conversation quick. when the man started pulling on her shirt
she new she had to get out of their fast or shw will be dead in matter of mintues she
turnned and started running when the man turned his head. exlzerin was racing
throught out her body she was running to the only place she knew she would be safe to
his house. the man fallowed closly behind he almost caught up. she ran into the house
not even knocking first like she would when she got inside she jumped into his and
point towords the door next thing they new the man ran into the house with a gun
pointed at her head. he said with threat in his voice one of you are going to die. he
loved her so much he said take me i cant watch her die i might end up killing you
than me witch i wouldnt mind so much having you dead. a pop sound went through the
house a dead body landed in her lap. scream was all the girl could do only thing she
thought of tears ran down like rain. the evil murderous man walked slowly to the girl
bent on his knees and took the gun and throw it into the kicten. slaped the girls
saying you ever speak of this i wont kill you but you will be dead, he came closer to
the girl throw her to the ground on her back in pain so moving wasnt a opition the
man pinned her down. and the man said these words im going to finsh what i started.
the pulled more like ripped the shirt of the young girl he made it slow so it she
would suffer. then he pull of her pants  leaving her alone for a second and took of
his close when the man wasnt looking she stood quick and queitly she ran into the
kicten grap the gun and pointed it at the man. you took his life now i take yours
bang bang bang bang bang she used the rest of the bollets on the man.

‹Fuckingundeadvampiredog<3› suggests :   10 September 2011   401565  
Well first thing is first my friend, you did a really fucking great
job!!! :D I might just re-post this, you just get so damn excited when
you are doing stuff like this you dont check it XD but anyways love ya


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