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Dear FireflyCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 7 September 2011
11:54:36 AM (GMT)
I love you.
You are beautiful in every way.
You are absolutely perfect in every way, and even though you may never believe that,
I just want you to know that I believe it.
People haven't treated you the way you deserve.
They have lied, told you that you weren't beautiful, hit you, hurt you, made you feel
like less of a person.
They are all fools, and if I ever see them, they will get more than some harsh
Even your parents...
Most of the time they seem okay, and it seems like they love you, but they don't
understand you.
They refuse to help you in the way parents should, and it seems that your brother got
treated much better.
We will be much better parents than that.
We will understand our children, listen to them, love them, not judge them or punish
We will let them make mistakes, but we will always be there to guide and protect
That's how things should be.
If we hadn't gone through this, we would likely be just like them.
Narrow minded, over-protective, non-understanding, taking our anger out on them just
because we have had a bad day.
Things will be different now.
We just have a few months left, and even though it seems like a long time, it isn't.
We will move out, put miles between us and the rest of the world we know.
We will be together, making progress towards a career we can love and be happy with.
Things will be perfect.
If I could go back and take away all of the bad things, I would.
In the end though, I can't, and without what you have gone through, you wouldn't be
the amazing woman I know today.
Things may get worse before they get better, but it is only a matter of time.
Be patient, have faith.
Trust me.
You are so amazingly gorgeous, and I truly believe that. 
I have never seen a more beautiful woman.
Sure, every guy says that to their girl, but how many actually really believe it?
I can think of one...
I think everyone is beautiful and unique, but I am not attracted to anyone else.
I would never cheat on you.
I would never even think about it.
I will never leave you.
We are so alike, it blows my mind every single day.
I can't foresee many arguments at all in our future, because we talk about things.
We don't yell or insult or make irrational statements.
We talk, we work through it.
That's a funny statement, because most adults I know aren't like that.
Most of them are stubborn and stuck in their ways and refuse to change or even accept
a difference of opinions.
That's why we are different.
We are open minded, we realize we have room to grow and we accept change.
What we have is different.
It's not some teenage romance.
It took such a strange, often painful path for us to meet, but we did.
and it was destiny.
Nothing can tear us apart, because it wasn't chance that brought us together.
and there isn't a chance in hell that anything can break us up, let alone anybody.
It won't happen.
I have found perfection in your imperfections, truth in the lies that have been
force-fed to you.
You are completely honest, completely beautiful, completely you.
There are no hidden qualities about you, not to me.
You tell me everything, and I accept everything.
I won't hide anything from you, and you won't hide anything from me.
That is how it is supposed to be, and that's how it always will be.
I know you wanted to see me today, but things happen.
Everything will work out perfectly.
You will always feel me in your heart, your mind, your soul.
Deep inside you know you are never alone.
Even though nothing compares to having you in my arms, this is what sets us apart.
We stay with each other, from miles away, and it helps us get through the tough times
so we can once again lay together, and forget about the world.
There ain't a damn chance that I will ever leave you, and the part of your brain that
doesn't believe it can fuck off.
I have the same part of my brain, and I am blocking it out.
I will never let it get the best of me, and I expect the same from you.
We are the same
We are no longer different
The day we met, we became one.
We may have different bodies, different lives, different feelings, but we are the
same soul.
I love you 
You love me
Things are perfect
Regardless of where we are, how far apart we lie, we will always be together.
Don't ever forget it.
You will always be my woman.
My beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, perfect, funny, loving, honest woman.
I will always be your sunshine.
I will brighten up your day when the darkness comes creeping into your mind.
I will cast it all away, and protect from the monsters that live inside.
They have left you.
They have found a place in me, and I will keep them for the rest of my life, so you
will never have to deal with what you did before.
You have been reborn, given a chance for a new life, free of pain, worry, sorrow, and
the burdens that have been placed upon you.
This is your chance.
Hold my hand.
I love you.
Trust me.
You will always be my Firefly.
You may not always shine your light as bright as you should, but when you do, it is
the most amazing light I could ever imagine.
You give me life.
You give me meaning.
You give me love.
Don't forget it.

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