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Friday, 2 September 2011
06:18:24 PM (GMT)
So, we had a school assembly today. I guess it was a pep assembly? Pshht who knows.
But one thing I DO know, is my ex came on stage and basically, in his words,
"confessed his love for me."

-Flashback activated-
The other day my ex emailed me and said "hey i want u back" and we talked for a
little bit, and I asked him
to prove it. He said, "I will i prmise just wait 4 tmrrw k ill prove it"
-End Flashback-

So, I go to school. Everything was alright...
until that stupid assembly.
We were all in our seats, the 1400 kids that go to my school, waiting for the
My ex gets on stage, grabs a mic, and said the following,
(not exact words, but pretty close)
"Hi guys. You're probably like 'why is this dude up here, yo? We're waiting for the
big guy.' *people laugh* but,
I have to say something to James. James Freemont.
And yes, I will ultimately embarrass you and myself. But you told me to prove it, so
I will.
James, I still love you. I feel bad for all the shit we've been through and that I've
put you through. I had a talk
with my mom, and she made me realize how much I've fallen for you. Things will be
different, I swear. Just
give me another chance."

I was sitting in the front row, and could feel everyone's eyes on me.
He got off stage, walked to my seat, and kissed me.
For a long time,
and he started crying.
He asked what my response would be, 
and I was sortof crying then,
and I said, "I have to think about it."

Should I take him back or say "Fuck you."?

‹RazorBladeLimeade› says:   2 September 2011   756774  
say fuck you.
He's put you through to much james
‹<3.What.A.Wonderful.Caricature.Of.Intimacy.<3› says:   2 September 2011   191660  
Ohmygoodness. That's the sweetest thing someone could ever do, But to be honest, I still wouldn't trust him. And if you decide to get back with him and he hurts you.. I'll prepare the butter c:
PhotoFinish says:   2 September 2011   456141  
I'd still say no him, he had his chance and he lost it.
Written says:   3 September 2011   514565  

I think I will. I don't trust him. Plus he threatened to kill me and
all :/

Ikr? That's why I was sortof crying.
It was so sweet. xD
And LOL.
You probably wouldn't have to worry bout that c: 
‹<3.What.A.Wonderful.Caricature.Of.Intimacy.<3› says:   3 September 2011   526546  
Well. I like throwing butter. SO IF HE'S CREEPING ON YOU, THE BUTTER IS READY C:
‹Cyborg~Cinderella› wonders:   4 September 2011   589044  
OMGs that rite outta a storybook X3.
but if threatened to kill u, well u shouldnt take him back, even if
its hard to say no. that guy doesnt deserve you.
i shall join you in the throwing of stuff, but i prefer marshmallows
Written says:   4 September 2011   683703  
Okaii dear <3

Thanks. c: And ikr? 
 (Can I record it? >.> )  
broken_into_hearts says :   4 September 2011   540007  
i would find that guy and slap him in the face for that

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