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About a GirlCategory: Wonky Fun
Monday, 11 July 2011
02:39:18 PM (GMT)
001. What is Your Name? Nikola 
002. How old are you? 17 
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? HAHA. You get none. 
004. Height: 5'11" 
005. Where do you live? Candyland 
006. Do you wear a lot of makeup? When I want to feel sexy? 
007. Piercings? Currently... snakebites and nipples 

Your Perfect Date:
008. Age: Fuckall 
009. His Body characteristics? ...Not gross? 
010. Hair color: Somethin' sexy 
011. Where would you go? THE BEACH 
012. Is he: outgoing or shy? Outgoing, but private about somethings 
013. Would you kiss on the first date? ...Heh 
014. What about going farther than a kiss? If I like him no. 
015. Does he wear boxers or breifs? Does he wear underwear? 

Which do you prefer?
016. Pizza or pasta? PIZZA 
017. Jeans or a dress? lol Jeans 
018. Abercormbie and Fitch or Urban Outfitters? Wtf. 
019. Be Rich or Be Happy? ...If I were rich I'd be happier. No ones ALWAYS happy or
020. Shower or a Bath? Bath. 
021. Gym or music? How do those to things compare in anyway? BOTH 
022. Family or friends? Friends unless it's my bro 
023. Kiss or hug? Kiss 
024. Drugs or alcohol or none? All three 

Have you ever?
025. Failed a class? Technically. 
026. Ran away from home? For an hour. 
027. Cursed at your parents? Yeah 
028. Taken a dare too far? what was the dare? Nothing crazy, me and this girl
switched clothes, underwear and all. 
029. Flashed someone? They dared me. 
030. Made out? Whatcha think? 
031. Had a sexual experience with the same sex? What was it? This doesn't take
homosexicles into account does it? 

Your Favorite:
032. TV Show: Adventure Time 
033. Clothes Store: American Apparel 
034. School subject: Art 
035. Music Artist: Placebo 
036. Song: Sarcasm (not from Placebo) 
037. Food: Sushi 

038. Body type (slim/medium/athletic/other) Slim 
039. bra size? mmm 34AA 
040. Whats on your dresser? Picture of the beach 
041. Do you have any siblings? How old are they? 2. 17 and 6 
042. What do you wear to bed? Nada 
043. How old were you when you first had Sex? 5 
044. Do you beleive in ghosts? YES 
045. Do you have your own pc? Naw, my parents think I'll watch porn on it. And they
aren't wrong but still.
Last edited: 12 July 2011

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