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Masquerade BallCategory: my love life
Sunday, 8 May 2011
11:14:57 AM (GMT)
The lights are dimmed. A romantic song is playing. I see them dancing together. My friend calls her name, gets her away from him. I go up to him. We dance. "This is a nice dance," he says. "Snowball!" The lights are dimmed. A romantic song is playing. I see him nearby. My friend pushes me towards him. "Sorry, hi," I say. He smiles. We dance. "Snowball!" It's my last chance; Soon, the lights will come on. The music will stop. I try and try again to get his attention. Just go for it, I tell myself. His back is turned. I call his name. "Jonathan!" We dance. Even through my mask, I can see his eyes clearly. They captivate me. I wish I could just stare at him forever. I almost said, "I like your eyes," but I didn't. I wish I did. She is nearby. He talks to her. His hands are barely on my waist; Unlike the last two times. I know it's only because she is there. "Snowball."
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‹Kairos› says:   8 May 2011   883032  
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 May 2011   182479  
Friday night.
The last junior high dance I'll be going to. *tear*
The them was Masquerade. 
I dance with him 3 times during snowball. 
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 May 2011   651802  
‹Kairos› says:   8 May 2011   415661  
That's soo cool(: You guys should get together, this is reallllly
cute! Andddd it's about darn time xD 
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 May 2011   952386  
Man, don't you think I WANT to be with him? It's just so damn hard
'cuz he already has a girlfriend, I don't know how he feels about me,
the school year is almost over and we're going to different high
‹Kairos› says:   8 May 2011   158947  
He idiot needs to realize he obvii likes you alot more Han his 'gf'
I'll clunk one on his head at night so he comes to his senses for you
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 May 2011   863564  
Haha, I wish so hard I could believe that....but I just don't know. He
[playfully] flirts with SO many girls, except me. He talks to/teases a
TON of people (well, girls) except me. And I see the way he look at
his girlfriend....I sometimes see when they touch hands ever so
slightly, but she's always the one to walk away from him and she's
never bothered by him flirting w/ other girls.

Buuuuuuutttttt.....recently there have been times when I'm looking at
him and he looks up right at me. The other day, he was a little down
because this one guy kept flirting with his gf, and I was looking at
him, and he looked up at me. This happened like 3 times at the dance,
too. I'm so confused...... 
‹Kairos› says:   8 May 2011   385826  
Godddd I hate when guys make it this complicated for us!!/x they're so
confusing, teasing us like that, making us keep thinking details, I
hate ittt. I'm trying to see if there's a DEFINITE way to know if he's
more into you or...Herr 
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 May 2011   294209  
Ughh, I know! If only you were an 8th grader and were in my
class at school..then you could really see what he's like. I
mean, you don't even know what he LOOKS like! [But thanks so much for
trying to help. means a lot(:] 
‹Kairos› says:   8 May 2011   447425  
Heck if I was a year younger and in the same class we'd totally rule
the school together for our last year there xD jusss' saying Lolll but
you're rigt! Idk how he even should take a picture lol but
dnt get all creeper like loll xD 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   9 May 2011   169382  
Hannah I've been thinking that the more you dance with him the more I
realize.... He never acts like a player or rude by you....were havin a
sleepover soon and going over all the details & I'm gonna let you pour
your heart outt.<3
I'm going to let you just day dream about him., we havnt had a close
sister sleepover in a while ya know? :3 were getting all your fav
foods and stuff and make memories.... Sorry for being all lovey dovey
close sister like I just watched suite life graduation and it made me
think of our graduation and then my dad ate all my fav cheese so now
I'm kinda sad I really need a bonding sleepover. Kbye
‹RushingStars★› says:   9 May 2011   591046  
Haha his facebook might be public, ya never know. xD
Lol well we did just have like 2 last week, but you're right, he never
teases me/acts player-ish/rude around me but I don't get why! 
‹RushingStars★› says:   9 May 2011   989353  
hey i just found out today, one of my friends told me that Jonathan
told my friend's friend that he likes her, legit likes her. he
told her this past friday but i don't know if it's true, so i'm kind
of sad right now..... 
‹Kairos› says:   9 May 2011   621957  
SAD FACE!!! damn you johnathan); on a side note xP he has a Facebook? 
volleyballstar7 says:   9 May 2011   429191  
Hannah I honestly don't believe Cecy 
‹RushingStars★› says:   9 May 2011   257890  
Yeah he does lol. xD You're gunna try to find him now
aren't you. xD 
‹Kairos› says:   9 May 2011   123744  
LOL NO Im not a freaking stalker! *I'll need his name to actually
do it xD* 
‹RushingStars★› says:   9 May 2011   148760  
Lol yeah and......wait, when you search for someone, does it only show
people with that name near you? like, if you lived in Wisconsin, would
you only get Jonathan's in/near Wisconsin or in other states? 
‹Kairos› says:   9 May 2011   630650  
In other states but like you can describe who the johnathan you know
looks like as his profile pic like if he's wearing a goofy hat and
moustache il help narrow it 
‹RushingStars★› says:   9 May 2011   451917  
Well, I don't know what his profile pic is right now, but, uh......he
has brown hair, simple as that, it's pretty thin, kind of long but not
really. Like, it doesn't hang over his forehead too long. And he has
blue eyes of course<3 He's really tall,, big? I'm not
saying he's fat of course but he's not super skinny is what I mean
lol. xD 
‹Kairos› says:   9 May 2011   390893  
Lolll Omg ily xD but I need a name dear lolll 
‹RushingStars★› says:   9 May 2011   976710  
Haha yes I'll message it to you. xD 
‹Ikiru♥› says:   10 May 2011   761699  
Jonathan  Hollifield 
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   650326  
whats that for? i already messaged her his name. 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   519914  
Hannah I know that everyone thinks cicily and jonathan broke up which
they did but I'm pretty sure they got back together because I went to
get chinese food with Allison but aylssa came with and I'm pretty sure
they did D: Sorry :0
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   116162  
are you saying that alyssa told you they got back together? 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   763476  
Yeah I think so But she wasn't happy about it. 
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   844866  
ha prolly cuz she likes jonathan, have you noticed she always says
jonathan is her best friend but not cicily, wasnt alyssa supposed to
be cicily's bff? not jonathans 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   161445  
Cicily told her that they were dating again so I'm pretty sure they
are D:  Aylssa are both of their friends like really close to both of
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   709846  
yeah, but seriously alyssa only acts like shes mostly friends
jonathan. whenever the three of them sit near each other jonathan is
ALWAYS in the middle of them, what does that tell you? also we all
know she likes him anyway.......... 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   637554  
We do but it's annoying that your taking jonathans ide when he did
that to her
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   400592  
wait, what? who said i'm taking jonathans side?! no seriously, WHAT?
what do you mean? 
volleyballstar7 says:   10 May 2011   258088  
You think alyssa lied about saying their back together she didn't and
the reason I think that is because I said Alyssa told me that they are
back together and you said she probably said that because she likes
jonathon and how she acts like jonathan is her best friend when she
talks to cicily way more.   And then in our other comments you were
defending him like he did nothing wrong when He totally did He is a
fucking ass hole player who doesn't deserve anyone's time 
‹RushingStars★› says:   10 May 2011   382565  
ok wait a minute here, i never said i think alyssa lied about saying
that jonathan and cicily are back together. and i didn't say the
reason alyssa told you that is because she likes jonathan. also, to ME
it seems like alyssa acts like she's better friends w/ jonathan than
cicily because i see alyssa w/ jonathan more than i see alysaa w/

when you said that alyssa didn't look happy when she told you j. and
c. were back together, THAT was when i said she probably wasn't happy
because she likes jonathan. i don't think she lied about
anything.......and where exactly was i defending jonathan? if i was,
i'm sorry, but you wouldn't understand this but i just like him so
much its hard to be mad at him. 
volleyballstar7 says :   11 May 2011   833235  
Oh well actually I think Alyssa was upset because cicily lied and got
jonathan made at her but it was just a misunderstanding and junk while
they were texting you know.  but I think that might be a reason but
she keeps saying she doesn't like the drama it causes also so IDK 
Sorry for the misunderstanding ^^ 


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