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Friday, 11 March 2011
07:22:26 PM (GMT)
1. Most fun thing that you did today?	

2. favorite card game?	
I like that one I play wqith my great grandmother in the summer. It's shitloads of

3. have you ever rolled around in the grass?	
Absolutely. If you haven't you need to get out there and live a little.

4. have you been to the coca cola factory?!	

5. do you prefer mexican food or american?	
American? Is there even American food? What is that, like... pie? American.

6. would you choose your answer to no. 5 over italian?	
Yes I would. Unless it's pizza or Dan's mom's pasta. she still scares me though.

7. longest time that you've stayed awake for?	
I don't count.

8. can you unwrap a starburst in you mouth?!	
I haven't tried to. I feel like I could.

9. why are you taking this surveY?	
I'm bored and annoyed.

10. do you know who johnny depp is?	

11. do you think i'm stupid for asking such a question?	

12. so...major in college?	
I don't have one yet.

13. johnny depp or orlando bloom?	
Johnny Depp.

14. do you like scented candles??	
Some! If they smell good.

15. have you ever been in a scented candle store?!	
I have.

16. did you faint in it?	
No I did not.

17. abercrombie or anticrombie??	
I don't really care.

18. do you think that you're fat?	
Not really, nah.

19. gummy bears or gummy worms?	

20. did you watch lindsay lohan's i know who killed me?	

21. do you prefer it over her last twin movie? which was the parent trap btw...	
I haven't seen it.

22. are you wearing socks right now? if you are what color?	
I am not.

23. YM, AIM, or MSN?	

24. quick! you have to search something, google, or askjeeves?	

25. why?!	
Because it's google.

26. name a toy that you've always wanted but never got the chance to have	
I don't know.

27. favorite 90's tv show?!	
Good question.

28. so how'd you do on your last math test?	
...After retaking it 'cause I got a 60something the first time.

29. last english test?	
I don't remember.

30. how often do you cut your toenails?	
I have no idea.

31. do you guys have light dimmers in your house?	
A couple.

32. why does the boy's bathroom smell so much?	
...I don't go in it?
Boys are gross x]

33. are you afraid of the number 23?	
leave me alone.

34. are you afraid of any number at all?	

35. who was the last person that gave you a written letter?	

36. that you ate with at micky d's?	
...I drove through there with my driver's ed teacher. XD

37. do you know what micky d's is?	
...Yes, I do.

38. christmas tradition?	
Mom's family that we like comes over on Christmas Eve. Dad's family that can come on
Christmas Day.

39. what were you the last time that you dressed up for halloween?	
Lucky Charms leprechaun.

40. best halloween costume ever?!	
Pirate. It was sexy. Apparently.

41. do you think crocs are cooL?	
The animal? Yeah. The weird shoes? Not really.

42. how many magents do you guys have on your frige?	

43. what do you think about people who call refrigerators frigidaires?	
I have never heard that.

44. got any ice cream in the freezer? what flavor?	

45. butter or magarine?	

46. do you know what the difference is?!	
I don't care! :D

47. do you know how to ride a bike?	
Yes I do.

48. kablahbarbleqwerty!!!!	

49. so what are you going to do after you finish this?	
Get my back to stop hurting. Or try.

50. will your friends repost on facebook?
I'm not on Facebook at the moment, so most likely not.

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